Topshop and Anthropologie

Tuesday 6 April 2010
Topshop is forever in the press these days. Starlets, celebrities and students alike seem to love this brand. The brand's all the rage in the UK and US. I've tried to make myself walk into the Oxford St store twice. Both times I felt like I'm in my idea of shopping hell. Gaggles of young girls, crowds packed to the gills, music loud enough to cause permanent hearing damage, clothes strewn everywhere and displayed haphazardly....

Is it just me that's just not getting this brand? I've seen photos of young girls who seem to pull off an ensemble from Topshop so effortlessly. All I've seen so far are clothes made of inferior fabric, more often than not, polyester with stitches already unraveling. A leather jacket I ordered from Topshop online was so badly made, there was just no way in hell I was ever going to wear it. It made H&M clothes look like haute couture. Oh, have I mentioned how expensive they are?

For now, I'm going to stick to Uniqlo, Gap, Comptoir des Cotonniers (when they're on sale), Zara and H&M for cheap but well made clothes.

On a more positive note, the cult brand from US, Anthropologie has arrived! My friends and I were strolling down the street when the signboard caught my eye. The UK/Europe site is live now

I was such a tomboy growing up, particularly in my teenage years. My dad ordered, cajoled and finally threatened me with severe punishments if I did not turn up at a certain event in a skirt or dress. These days, I'm making up for lost time because all I ever want now is dresses. There are gorgeous choices but I don't do big prints or sleeveless very well. My favorite pastime is putting things into the basket but never checking out. Here are my choices:

I would cinch it with a wide belt. Love the flared skirt. £118

Great for the beach. £68

 Love the bib necklace. It'll be a statement piece against a simple black/dark top. £48


  1. we don't get anthropologie here but i do check the site once in a while, just to drool over the latest fashion. i enjoy your posts on dressing up. i also love your blog design. it's exactly what i've wanted, a 2-column page, but my kids are too busy to help. i'll have to bug yi into doing it while i'm there. i've linked your blog too :))

  2. You'll have to check it out once you're in London. The store covers two floors. Thank you for the compliment and linking my blog. I can't wait to try your latest recipe. I kept the blog template simple and clean until I learn more about how to create a better design :)

  3. You know I JUST discovered Anthropologie on Regent street, I couldn't believe my eyes!!

  4. I am a big fan of Anthropologie as well. I came across this brand, when I was visiting George Town, US. Personally, I find the prices here in the UK to be on the high side in comparsion to US. I am looking forward to going shopping this weekend in NYC - definately, will pop by this store :)

  5. Oh really? I haven't checked out the US site yet. I'm planning to hit the store this weekend. It's too bad we will be missing each other. Have loads of fun in Paris and NY.



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