Naughty corner

Thursday 22 April 2010
Okay, we don't actually have a naughty corner at our flat. I'm an equal opportunist. Any corner or wall will do. L is a good kid. Kind, considerate, thoughtful and obedient. Her friends' mothers never fail to espouse her angelic virtues.  My friends always look forward to seeing her. I may have to eat my words when another dress crisis hits which almost always happens every morning when L's getting ready for school.

Ever since she turned 3.5, I rarely send her to the naughty corner/wall/whatever. However today, she accidentally drew on the bedsheet. She sent HERSELF to the naughty corner and sat there. She got upset and started to whinge because she was tired and then realized she wasn't being a good girl. So, she sent HERSELF to the naughty corner again. During dinner, she refused to eat her carrots (my girl is odd. She'll only eat GREEN or purple vegetables and no other) so she duly marched over to the naughty corner for the third time.

Motherhood. When you think you know it all, they do something else to throw you off.


  1. Very clever indeed !!! The so-called naughty corner serves as L's sanctuary for BOTH atornment and defiance . you really never know what they are up to their sleeve the next time round ... Motherhood is full of trials and tribulation ,you come out stronger ,wiser and more LOVING .Love you both HEAPS !!!! :)

  2. L's absolutely cute n delightful! she's good at getting out of trouble too:DD girls are truly a joy to have.

  3. Mi, it's defiance alright. One minute she's so cute, and the next, ARGH I want to pull my hair out.

    Terri, you're absolutely right. Girls are just naturally more caring and nurturing. But then again, we're biased :)

  4. Darn, she makes it difficult to be annoyed with her! Smart girl! The force is strong in this one....



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