Denim shorts

Friday 23 April 2010
Twelve years ago, I backpacked around Greece in my favorite Levi's 501 jeans which I alternate with another pair of pants. The weather got hotter and hotter and then when I thought it couldn't get any worse, Europe was hit with one of the worst heatwaves in history. I couldn't take it anymore so I bought a pair of scissors and hacked off the legs of my Levi's (actually I stole it from my younger brother).

So here I am, heading back to Greece a decade and a bit later, I'm on a hunt for a decent pair of shorts and what do I see?? Jeans cutoffs. Except you'll have to fork out £££ to get the same tattered look like my ancient pair. I saw them on, River Island, etc etc. They obviously went through a great deal of effort to rip out the jeans and make them look worn.

Do I truly want to pay THAT much for a pair of denim shorts with large holes on the front and back? Or perhaps I'm just too old and coupled with the fact that I have cellulite, excess skin from my pregnancy and ..... Okay you don't really need to know the rest. So, I dug around my rather meager closet and found out I have 5 pairs of jeans. I only truly wear 3 pairs on rotation. I've lost weight despite cooking everything in butter. That sealed the fate of one of my least worn pair of jeans.

My old 7 for all Mankind jeans was actually loose when I tried them on yesterday. I haven't worn these in 4.5 years! Previously, I had to suck my tummy in so hard before I could even button the darn thing.

Voila! No stitching required which was fantastic because I can barely sew.


  1. totally agrees with you about paying £££ for a pair of cut-off!! Have been thinking about doing the same myself- and yes, I found 6 pairs of jeans in my drawer... may be I can sell some off myself :> I assume the cutting is a straight forward job? Any tips?

  2. It was actually very easy (says the girl who stitched her jacket to the jeans she was wearing). I measured the outer seam and then used a marker and drew a line right across the pants. I did the same for the other leg. Make sure you don't cut the legs too short if you want to roll them up.



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