Dresses for work under £50

Saturday 24 April 2010
Sometimes I wish I was back at my old job just so that I could wear these delectable, oops I meant professional looking attire. Lately, I can't seem to get enough of dresses. They're easy to put on and you don't even have to worry about matching the top and bottom. Furthermore, they're flattering if the fit is good. Here are my picks for dresses under £50.

Mango Workwear Shift Dress £47.50, available at

Asos Pleat Detail Workwear Dress £30, available at

Asos Workwear Linen Tulip Dress £30, available at

Joules Cotton Shirt Dress £59 (although it's not technically under £50, you can get a 20% discount if you use an internet code PP63 at


  1. Great choices, - I've been looking for a good shirtdress for ages! And the navy dress is very nice. Can I get them to be delivered to your place, - and can you post to me?

  2. Just found out that Joules deliver overseas, and the VAT savings paid for the shipping.

  3. BTW, I tried on the Joules shirt dress and the fit is REALLY good. The fabric is even better than I'd expected. I'm seriously thinking of getting the navy dress myself.

  4. BTW Chin, don't forget to include the code PP63. The discount is down to 10% but it's better than nothing.

  5. Ooh, great to hear about the fit. That's been the biggest issue with shirtdresses. The navy one was out of stock online, so I got the red one. Yeah, the discount is less, but with the VAT savings, I did get 20% off. I also bought the Powderham top and the Wisteria top.

  6. I've just ordered the red shirt dress too as the navy sold out. Oh well. I should really stop buying black and navy anyway.

  7. i've always loved shirt dresses. yi just got me another one frm witchery. i think i'll wear shirt dresses only for the rest of my life--so easy to wear!

    btw, rmember you posted on a french label a few months ago n i said i was at the two shops in london? how can i get the clothes or shoes online? what about shipping to london addresses bc i have a friend coming back but i don;t want him to have to shop for me?

  8. Terri, do you mean Comptoir des Cotonniers? Unfortunately, they don't have an online store which is a bit of a pain. I guess the only way to get their clothes is to ask if your friend could help you buy them.



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