How should I pair my denim cut-offs?

Monday 26 April 2010
While I'm rather proud of my genius invention, hubby thinks I've lost the plot. Who on earth would be silly enough to lop off her expensive albeit very old pair of denim? May I remind him that I did not pay retail for them and they'd been lying in my closet, collecting dust for 4 years?! Since "going green" is all the rage in the UK, I'm helping to save the planet by recycling my clothes. Those who are with me say AY!

 Every so often, I'd check out JCrew to get inspiration. Alas, their online store isn't available to UK residents but the good news is Net-a-porter will be one of their stockists sometime this year. Boy, was I excited to see the amazing outfits they've teamed up with cut-offs. Here are some examples:


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