27 Things I've learned in the U.K

Friday, 30 October 2015

1. Poorly means sick. Nothing to do with poverty.

2. Do not attempt a U or 3 point turn . Try 5 point turns. Better the smallest car you can find.

3. Sidewalk is called pavement here. They’re built for skinny people.


4. Lollies are sweets and popsicles are lollies.

5. The letterbox is attached to the door, not planted at the end of a driveway.

6. Central heating is the norm.


7. It's considered sacrilege to put ice in your tea. You're violating centuries of tea drinking tradition.

8. Bureaucrazy bureaucracy is the government and old establishments' way of reducing unemployment in the country.

9. Anything sweet taken after the main course is called a pudding. Including the pudding.


10. A town can be bigger than a city but can’t be called a city because it doesn’t have a cathedral.

11. There are more accents in the U.K than there are bones in my body.

12. School dinner is eaten at lunch time.


13. Tea is a meal taken in the evening. A cup of tea is a beverage.

14. When someone tells you to bring a plate, make sure there’s food on it.

15. Vests and pants are underwear.

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 16. Apologize for everything even if you don't mean it. Sorry.

17. When a Brit tells you “let’s meet for coffee sometime” they’re just being polite.

18. Queueing is UK’s national pastime.

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19. Talk obsessively about the weather.

20. Public schools are actually private schools.

21. National food:  spag bol, fish fingers, bangers and mash, beans on toast

2015-10-10 10.00.50 1

22. It WILL rain.

23. You're cross but never angry.

24. In order to sound posh, use more words than necessary to get your point across.

2015-05-31 08.41.06 1

25. Slippers/jandals/thongs are called flip flops here. Don't EVER speak about thongs here unless you're buying.....g strings.

26. Learn to drive manual cars. Automatic cars are for sissies.

27. Tomato sauce is ketchup, chips are crisps, fries are chips.


  1. You have absolutely nailed it!

    1. Thank you, Emma! Boy, did I make mistakes in the first few years!

  2. Loved reading this post! :-)


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