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Tuesday, 5 May 2015
ootd-leopardprint Mine: Rick Owens leather jacket (old but here's another option), Isabel Marant leopard print silk top, Zara boyfriend jeans, Aquazzura Christy flats (sold out, similar here and a bargain here), Miu Miu sunglasses and Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere 35cm.

The best thing about an OOTD (outfit of the day) photo is you can take tons and choose the best of the lot. Yes...even when you suddenly remember that you have a blog and you need to take a pic but you've spent the entire day running around like a headless chook (Kiwi slang for chicken), your make up has more or less melted away, you forgot to reapply your lipstick, your carefully brushed hair is so wind tousled, you look like you went on a roller coaster ride before having your photo taken.'ve folded your already cropped boyfriend jeans so much that you look disproportionately dwarf like (see the above photo of me)...... My point is take a selfie or OOTD photo while your make up is fresh and newly applied.  On the other hand, this is how I look most days so I guess if you ever meet me in person, I won't scare you.

Lil L: Zara denim jacket, Zara top, Zara skinny jeggings and Petit Bateau ballet flats

A couple of weeks ago, Lil L and I made a mad dash up to London to see a close friend of mine, Josephine when she came back to the U.K for a brief visit. It's sad having to bid goodbye to friends when they leave the country permanently, particularly ones I'd spent a lot of time with . We had a grand gastronomic adventure in Paris last year where we literally followed our noses as we went in search of patisseries.  We ate so much that the three of us couldn't bear the sight of any dessert for several months. Josephine's one of those incredibly chilled, down to earth, loyal and really considerate type of gal who's a dream to travel with.

cherryblossoms2 cherryblossoms bluebells

Lil L and I rented a car to explore more of Hampshire. And darn it....we were hoping to see a carpet of bluebells in Micheldever Woods but.....we were a week too early. There were just a sprinkling of bluebells here and there. Pfffffffft.

On a more positive note.....why travel to Japan to see sakura when I have plenty of cherry blossoms in my backyard. Well, not literally but in public places where I don't even need to sweep up the petals nor maintain the garden.

hotpot-seafood2 hotpot-seafood1 hotpot-condiments hotpot-dessert2

Little wonder why my dieting is a complete failure. I caught up with my old Kiwi mates recently. My friend, Jen prepared a feast - hotpot complete with crabs, king prawns, octopus, squid along with what seemed like a million other side dishes. I passed out on their sofa from over-eating...... No, I'm not exaggerating here.

Many many years ago, we explored the length and breadth of Crete together and had a ton of fun. The best thing about traveling with like minded friends is that we get to spend time with each other, bond and chill out - an opportunity which is becoming increasingly rare these days as our work and kids' schedules clash. I was really touched when Jen reminded me of our crazy trip so many years ago (more than 4 years ago) and how she had the best of time.

In my 20 years of traveling, I've learned one thing. Grand palaces, awe inspiring scenery and outstanding architecture may wow you but it's the people that leave indelible memories.


  1. Think I just gaines a stone from staring at the last photo, looks delic!! And I agree, it's the people you meet that leave indelible memories. x

    Life & Love by Victoria Lagnehag
    Victoria Lagnehag on Facebook

  2. What beautiful pictures and beautiful moments! Travel is completely about the people...and fabulous food. I'm really wistful and sad that I haven't taken a trip with a dear friend in years (we had a great trip to Paris). She moved across the country and then I moved to a few countries. Your post is making me wistful for a trip abroad with the kids some day...

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  3. Lil L is a natural poser!

    It was great to have you all over. You made us nice meals whenever we were at your place so it was only fair for me to do the same.

    And we love the holidays we had together. Lil L was a fun toddler with lots of "why" questions. Do you remember how we "cleaned up" the lovely food cooked by Mrs Zografaki while you were chatting to her in the kitchen? :)




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