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Thursday 7 May 2015
Clockwise: Zara tuxedo jacket, Alexander Wang t-shirt, Miu Miu sunglasses, Marni ankle wrap heels, Zara jeans, Hermes belt, Hermes Cape Cod watch (near new and at a bargain!) and Chanel WOC.

I tend to wear the same old things over and over and over and over (I'm guessing you get my drift here by now) that it truly surprises me when someone pays a compliment. My Hermes Cape Cod automatic watch is 5 years old now but still garners attention. I get nods of approval from fellow Cape Cod owners while others ask to take a look. The watch is rather understated with nothing blingy to garner unnecessary attention but what stands out is the thick double tour leather strap which masquerades as a bracelet. I'm no watch connoisseur but I love the idea of buying something that lasts a lifetime.

My 20 year old Hermes belt (purchased secondhand for a song nearly 12 years ago) is slightly bruised and battered from daily use. I may still wear the same belt when I'm bent and shuffle around with a walking stick.

I'm so pleased I caved in and bought the Chanel WOC in caviar leather. J'adore lambskin but any sudden jarring movement and bump cause my stress level to shoot up sky high. Oh, did I mention that I no longer have to worry about dye transfer? Whew!

If you have a flat nose bridge, you'll know what a pain it is to find a pair of sunglasses that do not rub against your eyelashes or slide down your nose. These Miu Miu ones I've been wearing daily have nose pads attached. WHOA! Revelation...!! And they make me look trendy.....which is pretty darn awesome as I tend to be several trends behind.

Over the past couple of years, I've been on a warpath to find statement shoes albeit ones I can walk comfortably in without feeling like I'd undergone feet amputation. The two toned ankle strap sandals from Marni may seem rather overly simple but I was sold on their quirky geometric heels. To sum it up....they're rather ordinary at first glance until you look below the surface. Erm...a bit like their owner  *wink*

I would've loved to get the gorgeous tuxedo from Stella McCartney but the ££££ price tag made me wince in pain. So....I'm settling for this much easier on the pocket tuxedo jacket from Zara. What are your firm favorites in your closet? 


  1. Marlene, I love seeing your wardrobe favourites pop up on the blog - I feel like they're recurring characters or dare I say 'good friends' of mine and each time they make an appearance I feel 'reassured'. That's the whole point of wardrobe classics, yes? My firm favourites would be; my Louis Vuitton Alma (grey), my mother's gold Rolex (which I've 'liberated' for myself huhu), my Vivienne Westwood 'Mourning necklace' in mother of pearl, my Stuart Weitzman 5050s, and my newly acquired Aquascutum trench coat! Slipping them on makes me feel strong and safe. x

    Jasiminne | Posh, Broke, & Bored

    1. lucky thing, Jasiminne. I bet your mother's closet is incredible! And yours too. I love everything you've mentioned. They're such classic pieces and I doubt they will ever date.

  2. My jeans - all of them but mainly my Topshop ones! Also a Sandro silk top has been a firm favourite since I bought it last year. However quite possibly my Balenciaga handbag, worn yet still my go to after 6 years. The WOC is on my wish list, I love how simple and chic it is. Agree completely re the caviar, my vintage lambs skins only come out for very special occasions. Such a great selection of classic's you have there Marlene x

    1. I need to look into Topshop jeans. I've never truly ventured into Topshopland...only because their massive stores in London scare me. I love your Balenciaga bag! It suits you.

  3. Love the look!

  4. Funny you should mention that! I pulled out my Zara jackets and pants recently and realize that they're years old. They've lasted this long and still going strong.



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