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Wednesday, 20 May 2015
ootd-denim_shorts ootd-denim_shorts2
Outfit: Mango denim shirt, Mango shorts, Tumi panama hat, K.Jacques sandals, Miu Miu sunglasses, Hermes Cape Cod and MeMe London bracelets.

A few days ago, the sun was out, the birds were chirping, the mercury was hovering around 17˚C and it felt like spring was here to stay. Hence, this outfit. Had I worn this out today, I would've turned into a human ice block. I rarely put away my autumn/winter clothes because the weather here changes in a blink of an eye.

Ever since I turned 40, I is waaaay too short to follow all these strange rules about what "older" women should or shouldn't wear. As long as you're comfortable and the style suits you to a T, who cares?

I've never owned a pair of black ripped shorts so I thought I'd give them a go. These are seriously riiiiiiiiippppppppped which means my upper thighs are well ventilated. I could even strum the purposely exposed threads like a guitar. The thoroughly distressed shorts will come in handy later when I'm off for my summer vacation. They're also remarkably comfy which gets a thumbs up from me. The shorts run big so be sure to size down.

I'm also loving this denim shirt from Mango lately. I sized up to a medium for a slouchier look (I don't like fitted clothes). Another thing......I've finally found my holy grail panama hat to replace my old battered one. I wanted a stiffer  Ecuadorian straw panama hat in bleached white with a wide-ish brim. I've been "blessed" with not only child sized feet (actually, 8 year olds have bigger feet than me. pfffft), I also have a smaller than usual head. Lucky me.

Locating a size 54cm panama hat was a pain in the rear end. It took a while but I found these guys in the UK who sell pretty darn impressive Ecuadorian panama hat for a fraction of the retail price elsewhere. Mine cost £33.95. By the way, they also work with Traidcraft and Oxfam which is great to hear.

London-wisteria wisteria-cathedral2 wisteria-cathedral5 wisteria-cathedral3 wisteria-house wisteria-rainbow

My ever pragmatic self used to pooh-poohed the idea of buying flowers. Waste of money. Or so I thought. That was before I became obsessed with cherry blossoms and wisteria. If you follow my Instagram feed, you'll know that I've gone completely flower bonkers (wow, that rhymes!). An elderly grocer in town has been teaching me the names of all the flowers in his store. The latin words are sinking in.........s l o w l y. This time next year, I'll be able to blurt out the names like a professional florist without stammering but right now.........

"you know that pinkish flower...lots of petals...some leaves?"
"You mean peonies."
" this photo on my phone?"

I couldn't resist sneaking in the last photo of the double rainbow outside my window. The weather has been atrocious lately but we were rewarded with these stunning rainbows tonight. Perhaps it's a metaphor for life. No matter how rough the ride we're on right now, there's a silver lining or in this case, a beautiful rainbow at our destination.


  1. Your photographs are lovely. Can you tell me where that gorgeous house is with all the wisteria? And the gatehouse? Stunning locations. Bea x

    1. Hi Bea, it's not far from Walton St in Chelsea. I can't remember exactly where as I was just exploring the area when I came across the house.

  2. Love your denim shirt, but the Mango link you have looks a lot lighter than your pic. Is yours the exact same? Is it darker in person? I want to get it too!! CC

    1. CC, the medium denim shirt is sold out everywhere. There's only the light denim shade left. You might get lucky calling some of the stores.

    2. Ah, thanks, that's what I thought. Next time!

  3. I so wish it was warm enough to wear shorts over here but unfortunately not. Great look and lovely location hun x

    Life & Love by Victoria Lagnehag
    Victoria Lagnehag on Facebook

    1. Same here! I just wish we get CONSISTENT good weather. Thank you for the kind words, Victoria.

  4. You rock those shorts, lady--you look fab in them!

    Love your photography, as always.


  5. how are you not a professional photog? you photos are so gorg! xO!


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Shorts look totally fab on your as does the shirt. I love wisteria. Now I wish we'd planted it when we moved in, its so romantic.

    1. I can only admire the ones around town. My apartment block is devoid of any flowers.

  8. How i wish i can see more of you wearing this kind. The denim shirt suits you pretty well and you rock on the ripped shorts! Have a lady crush who's at their 40's and can wear such kind and you look absolutely lovely at it.

    And your ig flower feeds is stunning as well. Best regards!


    1. Angie, thank you! That's really sweet of you to say so!

  9. Hi there Marlene, I have only just found this post, but I wanted to say we are delighted you are pleased with your hat, and that you certainly look very sharp in this outfit!

    Just so you know, coming this summer; limited edition hats with unconventional, patterned bands...



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