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Tuesday 3 February 2015
paris brest-1
paris brest
grand cru2
grand cru

In my household, we tend to fight over crisps or savory treats but this time a civil war nearly broke out when the husband polished off the last mouthful of chocolate Gran Cru when I turned my back for a minute.

 It was an exercise of patience trying to photograph the two cakes while the husband and child circled around me like vultures. My darling child who shies away from cakes (!!! why?! whhhhhyyyy?!) scarfed down the entire Paris Brest. It was THAT good. The choux pastry takes on a more contemporary design instead of the traditional "wheel" shape (it is meant to be shaped like a bicycle wheel) filled like delicious creamy praline. It wasn't overly saccharine nor creamy. It was just.......... perfection.

I detest frostings of any kind but chocolate ganache.....*swoon* is right up my alley. A mouthful of Grand Cru is like sinking my teeth into a soft chocolate pillow of mousse but with varying textures.

I'll have you know that I trekked all the way to Marylebone in the freezing cold and rain just to get a couple of treats from La Patisserie des Reves. I then carried the box ever so carefully home from London to Hampshire via a slow train only to manage 2 small bites before the dessert dematerialized before my eyes. Pffffffttttt.

Just so you know..... Monsieur Philippe Conticini did not pay me to wax lyrical over a couple of cakes........... This is not really a review but if you ever EVER go to the famed patisserie either at Marylebone or Kensington, get yourself a Paris Brest or chocolate Grand Cru. Forget shopping. Just treat yourself to these two unbelievably divine traditional French patisserie.


  1. You should have bought 6 cakes. 2 each! No problem! :o)

    1. Sue! I'm trying to maintain my weight here. Stop enabling.

  2. I cannot wait to have these again when I hit Paris in May. You are so lucky to be living in proximity to a city with a store! When I had the St Honore last year, I just lay on my hotel bed after, smiling. Gotta try the Paris Brest this time.

    1. Believe it or not, the second last time I went to the patisserie was when I took you there. *shameful* Normally, I'm all over the place, running from one appointment to the next when I'm in London. LOL! You were hilarious. I saw your face at La Fromagerie and La Patisserie des Reve. You didn't even THAT ecstatic when we were at Chanel.

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