Afternoon tea at The Landmark

Monday 9 February 2015

Every blogger, whether she's doing it professionally or as a hobby will tell you that it's all too easy to suffer from blogging burn out. Those of us who've been pounding the keyboard for years will also tell you that we continue doing it because of the people who've come into our lives, thanks to blogging. I may have landed in the U.K knowing only a handful of individuals but the number of friends I've made (that includes fellow bloggers and readers) over the past years have grown tremendously.

I've heard many of your stories, shared many laughters, shed some tears, learned invaluable tips......all of which have left footprints in my life. Material things can only make us happy for a brief moment before the desire for the next holy grail grips us but it's the people who leave behind memories and the impact they've made stay a lifetime (or two).

A reader ( I shall call her Mary to protect her identity) and I met up last year and chatted over dim sum when she had the opportunity to visit London. This year, she went all out and treated me to a lovely afternoon tea at The Landmark along with a beautiful bunch of flowers and a wide smile. Words can't describe how touched I am seeing the trouble she went to just to spend some time with me. Another reader/client who has become a good friend shouted me lunch (we usually fight over the bill. Never mind, there's always next time!). Myizzi thought of me when she was in South Korea and sent me packets of special tea from Jeju Island. Another reader and client flew into London recently and spent a couple of hours catching up with me at Bond & Brook.

I can wax verbose over our afternoon tea treats but it was the memory of the lovely time spent with Mary that lingered in my mind.

Winter Garden
The Landmark
222 Marylebone Road
London NW1 6JQ
Tube: Marylebone or Baker St


  1. Mmmm - those look delicious. It'll be my turn the next time I'm in London! :-) Bond & Brook looks particularly lovely.

  2. Your pictures are really good indeed! I am glad you enjoyed this moment as much as I did (well I hope) but I do regret not having been able to eat more though. We all love to see and make people happy and as your are a beautiful person, selfishly (can I use this word, is that english?) sharing a moment with you or something we appreciate, seems somehow worth it. Thanks to you too.

    1. It was so lovely seeing you again. Can't thank you enough for organizing such a special treat.

  3. OMG I die for afternoon tea! I have to visit next time I'm in london. Love your blog by the way - it's one of my favs!

    1. I'm so sorry for the late reply. I have family staying at the moment. What a lovely compliment. I'm really pleased you like my blog.

  4. What a lovely treat! Love to hear stories like this as it really is those special moments that make everything worthwhile. x

    1. You're too right about that, Natalie. It's the people that make it special.



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