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Thursday 4 December 2014
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Those who know me well enough understand that the word DIY and Marlene should never be used in the same sentence. Up until recently, my god-daughter and her mom were appalled by my wrapping skills (hey! It's the present that counts, right? Right??) so lately I've upped my game a little. I've had a chance to try out Wrap.Me which was just launched recently. Those who are Instagram mad like me LOVE the opportunity to personalize our wrapping paper using our favorite snapshots.  Most importantly, it's dead easy to use.

Pop over to the website and it'll link to your Instagram or Facebook accounts in a jiffy (or upload your photos from your computer). Go crazy or play it safe by choosing photos that share similar tonal theme. All you have to do is click to choose the image. Create a story, propose to your other half, plaster the wrapping paper with your kids' photos (grandparents will love this).......

 A single sheet (65cm x 46cm) costs £4.99, a small roll (50cm x 2.2m) is priced at £9.99 and the large roll (50cm x 3.6m), £14.99.

This post was kindly sponsored by the lovely people at Wrap.Me. I'm sure family and friends who'll receive presents from me this year will no longer have to deal with the eyesore seeing that my wrapping skills (and paper) have improved.......


  1. This is so cute. I just wrapped my last gift but I want to try this for birthdays or the next holiday season. This year I went for newspaper and brown craft paper wrapping mostly and used lots of washi style tapes, twine, tags, bows and other decor items to make them look pretty. I love them.

  2. Marlene! Love it - what a brilliant idea. But I actually thought you'd done it off your own back before I read the rest of what you wrote. But I'm still impressed though as it's given me lots of ideas! And super chic to the last!



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