Christmas Gift Ideas for the family

Friday 5 December 2014
Christmas gift ideas copy

1. Neom Organics rose and neroli candle £30 (prices start from £16 and free worldwide shipping)
2. Acne Studios brushed lambswool large scarf  £110 (USD 170)
3. Comme des Garcons embossed pouch £57 (USD 105)
4. Uniqlo cashmere sweater £49.90 (USD 79.90)
5. iPad Mini (prices start at £239 / USD 299)
6. Laduree Sucre recipe book £28 (USD 27.15)
7. Nespresso coffee machine with Aeroccino £129.95 (USD 149.99)
8. Lambswool throw £60  (USD 79)
9. Bose SoundLink Mini £169.95 (USD 199)
10. Moleskin large plain notebook  £14.95 (USD 14.99)
11. TOMS wool slippers (USD 48.95)

If you want to find an all organic and natural candle using only essential oils, Neom Organics is the name you'll have to remember. I've used their products for years and can safely say that their candles have never triggered an asthma attack. My favorite fragrance is the rose and neroli combination which smells divine.

I used to be crazy about Hermes cashmere and silk shawls but they're incredibly expensive. If only they don't pill like the ones produced a decade ago. These days, I prefer something easier on the pocket like the oversized scarf from Acne Studios. I like mine big enough to double as a blanket when I'm traveling.

If you're tired of carrying around a large wallet which takes up too much space in your bag (like mine!), the eye-catching Comme des Garcons pouch is incredibly affordable and big enough to slip your iPhone in as well.

If you're feeling the cold, you might want to think about getting a luxurious cashmere sweater. These ones from Uniqlo are so reasonably priced and they just last and last. If you're living in the U.K, you might be in luck as they're knocking £10 off the price of each sweater. I've just ordered 4 for the family. The prices for kids' cashmere jumpers start at a mere £29.90 and adults £39.90. Shipping is free for orders over £20.

No one, not even kids are immune to the pull of tablets these days. They easily outsell any other toys or gadgets. I find my iPad mini to be invaluable, both for work and to keep Lil L amused so that I don't get talked to death.........

The Laduree cookbook (Sucre and Savory) itself is a work of art. Beautifully bound and tastefully wrapped, the layout makes reading a dream and the photography is as stunning as its packaging.

Ahhh......My Nespresso coffee machine is probably the most used gadget in my flat. I now get my friends to come over for coffee instead of spending unnecessary money at cafes. I strongly urge you to get the Aeroccino milk frother. It whips up milk in a jiffy for your cappuccino or hot chocolate. There's a promotion running in the U.K which gives you a £75 gift voucher for every purchase of a Nespresso machine and Aeroccino.

I hesitated for the longest time before getting a proper throw. It seems like such a waste of money but it's the one item you reach for when you're watching the telly or banging on the keyboard.

What can I do without my Bose SoundLink Mini speaker? It's turned on night and day as I switch from my laptop to smartphone or iPad. Who would think something so small could be this powerful?

Many people still consider buying Moleskin notebooks as a luxury but would gladly receive them as gifts. They're perfect for jotting down inspirations or sketching.

TOMS have come up with wool slippers which aren't ridiculously expensive but you'll be so thankful for them when the temperature continues to dip lower.


  1. First Nespresso link goes to Lauderee. Second one is fine. Where do you get your capsules from?

    1. Thanks for letting me know, Catherine! I order mine directly from Nespresso website. If you get the Nespresso coffee machine with the Aeroccino frother, you'll get three £25 gift voucher credit against your account on Nespresso.

  2. Great suggestions, Marlene! I've also taken advantage of the Uniqlo offers on knitwear and bought cashmere jumpers for my brother-in-law, nephew and niece (at least three presents off the list..)! I'd also recommend their cashmere beanies and scarves - fantastic value and quality! xx

    1. I don't know anyone turning down cashmere sweaters, Irina. Lucky niece & nephew! I just bought a couple for my daughter and a few more for myself too. Unless you go really high end like Loro Piana, I really can't see much of a difference between Uniqlo cashmere sweaters and the rest.

  3. Love these gift ideas, I would put each and every one on my list. I have bought the Uniqlo cashmere sweaters for a few family members too, love that they are such a good price and fab quality. I think that Comme des Garçons is gorgeous! Xx

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