Pinterest's a secret!

Wednesday 5 November 2014

I've been told MANY secrets in my lifetime (I'm sure most of you have as well). Some were troubling, others were funny, many just needed someone to confide in. There's a caveat that one must know about me. I wasn't joking when I said that my brain resembled a sieve. It still does, only the holes have gotten bigger over time. Once the words "'s a secret" are uttered, my processor (aka brain) takes that as an instruction that the data isn't relevant on the hard drive and automatically discards it within a week.

To my dear friends who were dismayed when all efforts failed to dredge up deleted memory......I'm sorry. But at least your secret's safe............. My friend, Red Hong Yi suggests I take a look at this ingenious website called Post Secrets where people posts secrets anonymously. It went viral and to date, Frank Warren has received half a million of secrets.

It's the middle of the week and the weekend seems miles away so let's do something fun for a change. How about posting a humorous secret here anonymously (don't show your name or ID)? I'll do the same!


  1. I binned our frying pan because only my other half uses it and I was tired of cleaning it out.
    Once a week he would ask where it was and I'd say "in the cupboard, probably at the back"
    He eventually asked" Have you thrown it out?"
    I denied it
    A year later I admitted I binned it.

  2. I always spend cash and never use my credit card when buying clothes and my clothes auditor never seems to notice. I hope he never wises up or maybe he is wiser than I thought! hehe thanks for this, it's fun!

  3. I used to (not doing it after I got married) hide the evidence of my eating chocolates... the funny thing is I noticed lately that my babysitter is doing now the same!

  4. I pretend I can't speak xxxxx language when the other person who is struggling with English is rude and demanding.



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