Interesting Reads for the weekend

Sunday 2 November 2014

I couldn't stop laughing my head off reading this. Having grown up in two different continents, this article certainly hits the nail on the head. 10 ways to spot an Asian from Asia vs an American born Asia (include N.Z/Australia/Canada/UK in the mix too).

What British people say vs what they mean. So so true.

Be blown away by this itty bitty 8 year old lean mean dancing machine.

15 minimalist hacks to maximize your life.

Too lazy to iron or you loathe ironing more than your frenemies? Here are 5 easy ways to de-wrinkle your clothes.


  1. I tend to try and buy clothing that doesn't require ironing (the fact that we only have a steamer as opposed to an iron - I know right?!!); it makes it so much easier to pack when travelling and the one thing I hate more than anything is putting on something that wrinkles so easily (read: anything linen)

  2. Stacked up some juicy reads for the weekend - it's like a mini-vacation in my living room! Anyone else do that? Between chapters, I stumbled upon buy coursework online, and boy, did that free up some extra reading time! Anyone got book recommendations? Always on the hunt!



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