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Thursday 23 October 2014
marc by marcjacobs
Photo credit: Emma & Steph

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After a flurry of emails and tweets, Emma, Steph, Jesse and I had a mini reunion at Matches Fashion's Marc by Marc Jacobs launch by Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley. It's certainly not the first time the two talented designers have worked together before. Their decade long collaboration started when the latter set up her eponymous line. This is their first collection for Marc, the diffusion line of Marc Jacobs that's completely devoid of its previous more feminine and whimsical theme. The new Marc by Marc Jacobs is retro and anime inspired with a more urbane vibe.

I may be accused of being a shoe fetishist but can you blame me if you're standing in a room with both men and women dressed to the nines? Strapped to Katie Hillier's feet were these pointy and bold mid heels (anything 2.5 inches high and below gets a BIG tick from me). Another fashionably garbed attendee was wearing the same heels. Sadly, there weren't any to try on but I'm now both intrigued and obsessed about these wicked Marc by Marc Jacobs "Runway" heels.

By 8pm, I hauled both Emma and Steph out the front door as I was hungry enough to contemplate gnawing on the handbags displayed so tastily on the shelves. Thankfully, we were within walking distance to the closest Italian restaurant where we whiled the night away eating and chatting.


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