Black on Black

Wednesday, 22 October 2014
black tee black pants

black tee black pants 2.1

black tee black pants 3

Outfit: T by Alexander Wang t-shirt, Zara jeans, Étoile Isabel Marant sweatshirt (similar here), Hermes Cape Cod watch, Monica Vinader bracelet, Chanel nail varnish, Topshop boots, Chanel WOC, Hermes Collier de Chien, Rick Owens Naska leather jacket (similar and on sale here) and Nicholas Kirkwood heels (similar & on sale here).

Whenever I turn up to a fashion event, I'm usually one of the rare individuals that's dressed in black from head (this includes my hair and glasses too). I've finally made peace with my monochrome loving self and will always admire those who embrace bold colors from afar. The black on black outfits are what I feel most comfortable and confident in. I realize that an all black outfit is yawn inducing so these days, I tend to go for statement pieces. Jackets that hang and drape differently or have a dramatic flair. Shoes or accessories that pop and break the monotony of the matrix look.

When I look back at my earlier (and rare) photos, I was clad in more feminine and polished clothes but as I age (ooooh the dreaded word), I prefer outfits with a more rocker and androgynous vibe. Who knows what I'd like a decade from now? What about you? Have you notice a change in your personal style?


  1. Yes! Amen to all of this! Go black! :)

  2. Ooh I like the Zara ones - I wonder if they are the same as the ones I've just ordered. I already have 3 pairs of faded black jeans but hey what's one more pair between friends? We can pretend they are grey in which case I have only 1 pair ;o)

    And yes ... the colour seems to be seeping from my wardrobe too ... but I do feel that every now and then, I need to wear a little colour - just to keep the old hand in.

    1. I've decided to stop buying designer jeans for now. The Zara ones seem to fit really well. I've had to alter these dark grey/black (who cares??) ones....the joys of being a shorty.

  3. Black always looks so chic, it is classy without being obvious. I always think I am chickening out wearing all black (like you I wear it every event) but I do just feel comfortable in it. Those Nicholas Kirkwood heels are stunning! You always look super stylish as you are so good at mixing high end and high street you always look chic with a cool twist that I adore! Xx

  4. Frances, that's so sweet of you to say so. Thank you ever so much.

  5. for shame! "age" shouldn't be a dreaded word. when it happens to every single woman alive - why buy into worship of youth nonsense?
    having said all that,
    i too love my rick owens jacket & black outfits in general, they're perfect for bold accessories.



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