Sneak preview of The Sisterhood of the Travelling Jacket

Wednesday 10 September 2014
1st photo by Josephine, edited by Marlene. All remaining photos by Marlene

The launch date may be 5 days away but here's a sneak preview of the line up of the 7 women participating in the project. It has been a long and arduous journey up to this point but we hope that our stories may strike a chord with those who are going through similar challenges so that they know they're not alone. There IS light at the end of the tunnel.

I've chosen to have the stories published online on a relatively safe platform (my blog) because our tech savvy generation are reliant and tend to seek for help online more than ever. The media like to portray perfection which in reality, is unachievable. The pressure to be thin, youthful and have the perfect life is immense and more so for our children. I've decided to feature real women with real issues. My motto for this blog is and has always been "Keeping It Real". Photoshopping is kept to the minimum (exposure, saturation and contrast).

This has been a team project with just as many working behind the scenes because they believe in the message that I'm trying to convey. Our video will be released on Monday, September 15th. Thereafter, two stories will be shared each week.

I would like to thank all the courageous women who've participated as well as dozens of others who've supported us by spreading the word of The Sisterhood of the Travelling Jacket project. I'm beyond grateful to Lucian & Adriana Paraian, the husband and wife team behind Adrienne Photography who'd helped me scout location, photographed and filmed, Dilip Shukla and Mia Preston who'd pitched in with the filming, Heather Sario and Josephine Chen for their help with the editing and social media.

We're excited but equally nervous about our launch but we hope you'll like what we've created for you. Thank you!


  1. HURRY UP! I am so excited to see more amazing photographs and hear all about their stories

  2. The photos look fantastic. Can't wait for the stories. The whole thing sounds exciting. And I do love your teasers....keeping us wanting more.

  3. I'm excited to discover those portraits and stories. What a great initiative Marlene! Best, Jesse.

  4. I personally can't wait Marlene! A massive thank you for inviting me to take part & I hope I do your project justice! Big Kisses! Ax

  5. I love that jacket, what is the name and brand? Thanks!

    1. It's a limited edition Tokito for Barbour (men's collection).



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