Old Sir Walter Tyrrell House, New Forest

Thursday 11 September 2014
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Recently, I had a chance to explore the Old Sir Walter Tyrrell House in New Forest only because a friend of mine was the interior decorator. It's nestled within the New Forest grounds, a stone's throw away from the spot where King William the Second aka Rufus was killed. He was later brought back to Winchester and buried in the Cathedral.

Remember I'm a Kiwi....and anything that's more than 200 years old is like, UNBELIEVABLY ancient. By the way, that abbreviated regurgitation of history refers to the year 1100 A.D (I touched the soil where he died. Like, seriously Sorry, a teenager has taken possession of my body).

I come from a land of sheeeeeeeep. There are more sheep than humans in New Zealand but ponies? Just in case anyone asks (and I've been asked many times before), no, I never saw sheep or a kiwi bird sauntering past my house. There was the jaw dropping moment when the ponies trotted and pranced about just meters away from the front door. It's oddly comforting to have an afternoon tea outside while gazing at the ponies and squirrels dashing about.


  1. What a beautiful looking place! The interior details are beautiful, everything looks perfect. Wonderfully captured as always Marlene :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  2. Gosh, the place looks perfect. Lucky you. :)



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