Smart & Sleek winter coats

Wednesday 3 September 2014

My lifestyle is so casual these days that I've stuck to my denim shorts in summer and live in my sweats most of the time. I've had my moments of panic when I'm invited to more dressy events (should I wear sweatpants or ripped jeans??). Since I've disposed of my corporate attire before coming to the U.K, I rarely own anything smart unless you count a handful of blazers hanging in the closet BUT I have multitudes of sweatshirts, sweatpants, t-shirts....etc in neutral tones. Alas, I'm a creature of habit who has stuck to my uniform of choice as it's a sartorial recipe that works for me. It means getting dressed is a 3 minute job. And I don't have to think because I'm rarely at my best in the morning. Hence there's little need to show my outfit shots here.

The cocoon coat was a big hit last year but I've learned that unless you're tall and fairly slim, it's hard to pull the look off without resembling Mr Michelin. And when you're short and have a small frame like me, trying to layer during the winter months.......weeelllll......I look like a caterpillar encased in its cocoon.  A structured coat with a slightly nipped in waist (either buttoned or unbuttoned) and sharp shoulders is more flattering. Nothing too blingy like a decorated Napoleon either or else I'll set off the alarm at the airport.

What I'm loving right now is a sleek, tailored and classic dark coat with a contemporary spin. My favorite £25 Zara jacket has been worn so much that the lining is now in tatters. But then again, it's Zara. Seeing that the exterior is in superb condition, I'm happy plonk down extra dosh to have it repaired. Don't get me wrong. I'm still into statement coats but there's nothing like a sleek dark coat to smarten up an otherwise fairly ho-hum outfit.

By the way I'm on the hunt for a pair of black killer ankle boots that are......yes....badass (the older I am, the more I want to rock the badass look) and nothing treacherously high as I don't want to disable my joints. Anyone has any ideas?


  1. I'm also on the look out for a fierce pair of black ankle boots. Flats as I have a heeled pair already. Great coat picks there

  2. Some lovely picks there. I'm a bit like you - I actually suit the coats with a little more shape and fit to them. I like proper fitted shoulders - they create a better line and shape for me.



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