New Forest

Monday 1 September 2014
running_horses horse

It never fails to fill me with awe to see ponies prancing about and trotting right up to the main streets of Beaulieu. They're completely at ease with strangers walking up to them. Each pony is branded with its owner's mark but is allowed to roam the forest freely. The donkeys are a lot bolder though. They'll poke their heads through your car window hoping to nab some food. I'm a city gal and sights like these are utterly foreign to me.

One other thing which only a fellow foreigner will completely understand and not snicker. New Forest was King William the Conqueror's hunting ground since 1079. Yup. That old. So I had to touch the soil just so that I can brag that I've actually touched a thousand year old history (give or take a few decades. What's a few when we're talking a thousand?!).


  1. I love the NF! We are in Hampshire so used to visit all the time as kids. Not been since last years half marathon but we want to take the little girl down to fly a kite & see the horses before summer truly ends.

  2. So much greenery, it's absolutely beautiful! Also: ponies!

  3. Beautiful photos Marlene! I would put the top one with the horses into a frame - Keri x

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