London Eats: Partridges Food Market

Thursday 6 March 2014
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I always have the best intentions when I hop on the train to London for a day of major retail therapy. And promptly shelf the idea after being sidetracked by the Partridges Food Market at Duke Of York Square. By the time I leave the market to do some "proper" shopping on King's Road, I'd be lugging bags of my most prized possessions (triple chocolate cookies, mini cupcakes, Italian cheeses, artisan bread etc etc) for the entire day until I get back home to Hampshire late at night. Oh well, the gorge fest the next day was worth the shoulder ache. The husband always shakes his head. "You spent an entire day in London and all you bought is FOOD?!." Guilty as charged. Sorry.

If you're like me and absolutely detest crowds but prefer to enjoy a lovely serene day at the market, I'd say, this is the place to do so. The Duke of York square is a large open space with plenty of benches to sit and people watch (and count designer bags) as you nibble on the lovely delights purchased from the market a few steps away. The kids love to run around and play with the water jets on the stone paving.

Yes, the market is situated amongst some of the world's most expensive real estate and the Duchess of Cambridge can often be seen shopping at Zara and along King's Road a few steps away but don't be put off by the poshness of its surroundings. The market stall owners are seriously passionate about their food and love to chat. It's not unusual for them to offer a little treat to Lil L when she comes along with me. They're also incredibly tolerant when an Asian woman sticks her large camera into their food (sorry but they're too pretty not to be photographed).

Partridges Food Market
Duke of York Square
King's Road
London SW3 4LY
Market is open on Saturdays only
Tube: Sloane Square

** It seems that a lovely and sneaky individual has secretly nominated me for a photography award. Thank you ever so much! If you've enjoyed my photos (as much as I've enjoyed taking them), please feel free to nominate me here again (sorry! Just found out that's the rule of the competition is to garner as many nominations for the photography category. I had no idea....)


  1. Note to self: do not read Marlene's blog over lunch #hungry
    Beautiful photos

    Congratulations on the nomination!


    1. LOL! The cakes from Fiendish & Goode are incredible and so is the cheese from the Italian cheesemonger.

  2. Ooo, perhaps I'll go check out the market this Saturday, weather permitting. Btw, congrats on the nomination! I promptly voted for you. ;)

  3. Whilst expecting I was offered free food at that very Saturday mkt that was passed it sell by date(veggie curry) :-(


  4. This is too much, I am on a fast day for goodness sake. ;) Beautiful Pictures. x

    1. sorrrrryyyyy..... I'll be sure to talk about fashion :P

  5. Marlene this looks fantastic! I've never been, I'm adding it to my list next time am in London (and maybe we can go together!)

    1. Next time when you're on a longer stint here in London, I'll drag you to the market and we can hang out in the area.

  6. London has the most amazing food...when we came back from our vacation last year, everyone was incredulous that we enjoyed the food so much; the Americans that is. Our English friends were like, "thank you--see?!" It seems that the misconception that British food isn't good still seems to persist, unfortunately. Obviously bad food can be had anywhere, but we still talk about the food we ate on our trip :) Thanks for bringing back good memories with your always lovely photos--voting for you now!


  7. I love your photographs! Partridges is one of my favourite markets in London and going there on Saturdays is part of my weekend jaunts. Hope to bump into you soon...guess I'd recognise you right away! :)

    1. Thank you, Jezrel! Do say hi if you ever see me sniffing around the market.

  8. Hi just wondering if you know the name of the company that sells the fudge you have a picture of there? Would really appreciate it as my friend loves it and I want to surprise her for her birthday! Thank You :)

    1. Hi Alex, it's surprisingly difficult to find these guys online. Finally located them here :

    2. Thank You so much! Really appreciate it! :)

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