Interesting Reads for the Weekend

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Here's what Eva Chen, editor in chief of Lucky magazine has to say about being cocky.

A tearjerker video about the love of a mom in the most unusual circumstances.

Ever wonder what an undercover Michelin inspector actually do? A reporter followed one for a day. Here's the story.

How to be successful in life and business - by Jack Ma, a billionaire and the founder of Alibaba

Remember my post about Women and Our Self Image? Thank you to those of you who'd shared the story on Facebook and Twitter. I'm humbled by the lengths that you go to just to get the story out to friends and followers. So tweet or Facebook away if you think someone needs to hear the message.

Following on the theme about beauty, Oscar winner Lupito Nyong'o's speech will blow you away.

Don't forget to enter my Monica Vinader Fiji Friendship bracelet giveaway. The final day is Sunday 9th of March.


  1. Thank you for that link to the New Yorker article on Michelin. We've eaten in a few starred restaurants including Daniel in NYC (before his third star) and it was excellent, but frankly Zagat is a much more useful guide for every day eating.

    1. You're welcome. i've always been curious. Personally, I'm one of those that much prefer to dine in hole in the wall type or mom/pop restaurants that aren't all that fancy. But I appreciate the dedication of the chefs that hone in on their craft and create incredibly refined dishes.

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