The Must-Have Flats of 2014

Thursday 9 January 2014

Move aside Valentino Rock Stud flats, you've got serious competition. They're at risk of being called ubiquitous after saturating the entire blogosphere with their presence. I came across these Aquazzura Belgravia lace up flats while surfing Net-a-porter site one night (have I ever mentioned how dangerous midnight shopping is? It's no different to shopping when you're inebriated to your eyeballs).  I normally have my two fingers hovering over the trackpad in a constant swiping motion but this time, I literally stopped dead in my tracks. Well, my fingers did. Visions of me wearing these darlings prancing all over London flashed in quick succession. Yes, I'm 40 going on 20 (and dreaming about having a 24 inch waist which doesn't wobble).

I've been hunting for a pair of proper statement flats, preferably an anti-thesis to my tame ballet flats which I have in abundance. Ones that yell, "look at me!" What is it about shoes and bags that reduce a sane woman (well, most of the time depending on who you ask) into an obsessed beast with a tunnel vision?


  1. Wow! They are beautiful! But so expensive....

  2. Marlene what have you done?! The last thing I need is to fall in love with another pair of beautiful shoes! They really are amazing, get them get them :D

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

    1. Your shoe collection is TDF. I'm saving hard for these beauties. Not cheap but I *need* them in my life.

  3. Beautiful, sexy and comfortable all at once - I say get them!.

    Aquazzara shoes really command attention but in a feminine, pretty way. Not trashy like some other brands do. I have Sexy Thing in black and wear them when I want to feel..... sexy! These are all that minus the four inch heel - so go for it!!

  4. Oh those are pretty pretty pretty. They would look great on you and go with all your outfits!



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