Preparing for Christmas

Friday 13 December 2013


My incredibly stylish friend, S whom I'd featured here previously held a bauble party. It was my first ever bauble party and I had no idea what to expect. Each attendee had to bring a Christmas tree ornament and a game battle to get their favorite bauble ensued. I came home with this little beauty. Lil L wanted a dog. Well, she got a dog so technically I didn't lie............ I haven't had this much fun at a party in ages but unfortunately, I'm now obsessed with finding the quirkiest, prettiest, most memorable Christmas tree ornament.


My friend Kylie (of Monday I'm in love) is a whizz when it comes to anything handmade. I, on the other hand, am a walking disaster who'd torn/broken/destroyed/annihilated anything that's remotely deemed as arty farty (you're talking to someone who'd managed the remarkable feat of super-glueing her fingers together. Sad but true). She offered to teach me wreath making. I, fearing for her safety, politely declined. So she made me this with bits and pieces from her own garden. I love the lingering  scent from the whatchamacallit flowers (I failed in botany). 


After repeated complaints from my goddaughter, I'm pleased to say that my gift wrapping skill has improved vastly. Don't expect me to do fancy schmancy ribbon twirling ornament tying etc etc wrapping cos that's just beyond my abilities in this lifetime. 


  1. What a brilliant idea! I never would have thought or a bauble party but that sounds like so much fun. You did so well and I love that you took your bauble decorating in a different direction with that cute little dog. I'm sure Lil L must be stoked! I think you are far more crafty than you think. You've got some seriously talented and arty inspirational friends. Good work on avoiding the super glued fingers this time too :)

    x Mandi

    1. Mandi, hah! You give me more credit than I deserve. Nope, still can't find my crafty DNA anywhere.



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