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Saturday 28 September 2013
I'm a bargain hunter by nature. I'd rather not to pay retail whenever possible although I know that at times it's unavoidable. Lately, I've had to do a bit of shopping just to stock up on bits and bobs for the colder months. It was surprisingly easy to save a few bucks which added up to quite a nice sum just by searching for current voucher codes. A discount of 15% especially if you're splurging on a designer item is quite a hefty saving. I've decided that in future, should I recommend anything on my blog, I'd be sure to add these codes if there are any available.  Besides, why spend more than necessary? Here are a few that I've used:

Shoescribe FALLWKND   15% off
Luisa Via Roma  FR10CJBA01  10% off
Neiman Marcus NMCUSP  $50 off $500 expires on 30 sept
Gap SAVE20  save £20 off £75
Uniqlo WELCOME14 £5 off orders over £45 Uniqlo
Liberty WOMENSAW13 £30 off orders over £150
Feel Unique   SAVE104SEPT  10% off orders plus free shipping

p.s. please share any voucher codes you've successfully used in the past week or two.


  1. Amazing!! Too nice of you to share those voucher codes!
    Hope you grabbed lots of bargain goodies!

    accidental encounters

  2. Yeah I'm always keeping an eye out for those discount codes. I've been wanting to place an ASOS order for a little while now (really just for one thing), but can't bring myself to as I know that they'll either be discounted soon, or a code will pop up!

  3. I have been slowly learning to google for codes and I now begrudge paying full price for something if I know I can get it slightly cheaper elsewhere. I do things like buying a Whistles item on Asos instead of from Whistles if I can get hold of an Asos code which I can apply. Sneaky but it has to be done.

  4. Ooh thanks for sharing Marlene. I'm a bargain hunter by nature too, I mean why pay full price unless absolutely necessary?

    steph /



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