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Thursday 26 September 2013
Clockwise: Nice, Eze, Beaulieu sur mer and Nice.

Instagram is highly addictive, more so than chocolate. Who would've thought anything is better than chocolate? (although this fact is debatable depending on who you're asking and the time of the month) I've found myself refreshing my feed only the thousandth time by early afternoon and first thing in the morning when I'm barely alive and only coherent enough to mumble a few words in English (coffeeeeeeee!!!).

It's far easier to perform a covert (photography) operation with your phone. You pretend you're checking your email but you're actually snapping a picture of Laduree store despite the huge sign above your head stating "No Photos". Or snitching a shot of that handsome bloke in front of you. Not that you're a stalker or anything.......'s a snippet of my life via Instagram taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note phone. Just to let you know, I'm still bombarding all my poor followers with a million photos of the French Riviera.  Obviously, I'm in denial that summer has officially ended.                                          

Clockwise: Eze, Eze, Eze and St Paul de Vence

I nearly jumped out of the bus window on the way to St Paul de Vence when I realized that I left my camera back in the apartment. You would've thought that I was suffering from a serious illness the way I was hyperventilating. I learned something new that day. The world did not end if I didn't attach my third arm (aka camera). Thankfully, I brought along my phone.

Clockwise: homemade guotie (pot stickers), french toast, Charbonnel et Walker truffles and Mariage Frers tea, pain aux raisin

The existence of Instagram has caused people to stand on chairs, assemble/shuffle every still object on the table to create a more pleasing aesthetic and generally pap their food to death before eating. So if you see a bunch of people at a cafe/restaurant furiously snapping and tapping away on the phone while leaving their food untouched, they're instagrammers and/or bloggers.

Clockwise: (streets in Winchester) The Square, The Square, park, St Thomas church

You know you've got an Instagram problem when
1) you're out for a walk and your young child tells you that the scenery in front of you will look great on Instagram.
2) you make your family who're ravenous and feral to hold 5 while you take photos of your breakfast/lunch/dinner from every angle. Never mind that their bodies are wasting away from starvation.
3) you greet your friends and before you're 5 minutes into a conversation, you Instagram each other. And they do the same. And ALL your feeds look like this "having an awesome time with @friendno.1 @friendno.2  @friendno.3 and @friendno.4"
4) #you #hashtag #everything #to #death
5) your emotions hike and plunge, not all too different from a heart monitor depending on the number of likes you get
6) you see the world and unconsciously try to resize it into a square
7) your outfit photo looks like this. "I'm wearing @asos jumper with my brand new @lanvin boots and awesome @jamesjeans"

**and if you want my heart to skip a beat, you can follow me on Instagram here (cookiesncandies)


  1. You just described my instagram obsession, to a tee. This is concerning haha

  2. You even take amazing photos with a camera phone! Love the food top down shots. Nice composition! Yeah I'm definitely addicted, I even started a new account when my hashtags stopped working on the old one. Ha. Yes definitely concerning ;p

    steph /

  3. I think you are talking about me here!! I'm the exact same way. I think you have one of the best IG's around. Your pictures are always beautiful and inspiring. #bestinstragrammer

    Best, Mree

  4. Life is sure looking good through your lens honey x

  5. I'm the same way with Instagram! I'm relatively apathetic about technology-- an interesting complement to my sweet smartphone-lovin' boyfriend who owns every kind of smartphone (iPhone, Android, Windows...does Blackberry matter any more?)-- but I like to say that Instagram and VSCO made me love my iPhone. I feel like I am able to focus on framing a picture easily, and I love the instant gratification I get from being able to immediately edit the picture after taking it, all on the same device. Though, I do find the excessive hashtagging tacky :/

    I love your photos :)

    1. Thanks, Jenny. So sweet of you to say so. I'm all agog. Your boyfriend owns ALL these phones AT THE SAME TIME? I barely managed to master one phone.

  6. No I've stayed away. If I do anything like this, I will become obsessed and the children won't be fed and the house will go to rack and ruin and my life will be an unmitigated domestic disaster. So it's best I don't go there. But life does look beautiful through Instagram doesn't it?

    1. Who says my flat's looking spick and span these days? At least the husband and child haven't starved to death yet.

  7. Wow the Galaxy takes such amazing photographs! I like the larger size as well since I always have my phone in my bag anyway it doesn't matter too much

    1. I figured the galaxy note will save me having from lugging around an iPad. Too bad the battery isn't the greatest but I think both the Samsung and iPhone have pretty awesome cameras these days.



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