Summer Outfits

Monday 8 July 2013
Photos by Adrienne, edited by me. Outfit: Marni sandals, Isabel Marant Etoile top (old), Rick Owens leather jacket, Zara boyfriend jeans and vintage Coach bag.

You'll be pleased to know that the first thing I've put aside when the temperature hit 24˚C was my rather infamous boyfriend jeans. They've been worn so much that the "made to look distressed" (sort of rips) was becoming "naturally occurring distressed" (totally ripped). Bad grammar but you get the picture.

The Marni ankle strap sandals which I've been eying since forever naturally got cheaper AFTER I've purchased them. pffffffft. I shouldn't complain really seeing that they give me the much needed height without the discomfort that comes along with wearing heels.

Outfit: Isabel Marant Etoile top, Uniqlo shorts (similar here), vintage Coach bag and K.Jacques Picon sandals.

Outfit: Uniqlo t-shirt, Isabel Marant Etoile skirt, See by Chloe sandals, Chanel sunnies and Hermes Cape Cod watch.

After several disappointing English summers, I've stopped spending unnecessary money on summer clothes. We're lucky to even pull them out of our closet once or twice a year. As for dresses? Hah! You'll have to brave the cold winds or rain if you're desperate enough to wear your summer clothes.

You can imagine how ecstatic we are at the moment as it's finally (!!) summer. Picnics, barbecues, shorts, skirts, dresses, you name it.... we're doing it all because you'll never know when the hormonal weather will change again (too bad we can't fix the problem with evening primrose oil). At the rate that the summer's going (fingers crossed I haven't jinxed it), I'm going to need a proper panama straw hat with a wide brim, a few more tops to give my poor and overused Isabel Marant anglaise broderie top a rest and an extra pair of bright shorts so that my white legs will hopefully get a little browner.


The hubby and I had a few hours of freedom when Lil L went to a birthday party (we love our kid, TRULY love our kid but absence does make the heart grow fonder). We went to our local pub for some rather posh looking gastro grub (ooooh, love how that rhymes. Sorry). I can't wait to explore Provence and celebrate my 40th next month (gulp). Is anyone going anywhere exciting over the summer holidays?

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  1. Those Marni sandals are gorgeous!!! Sorry couldn't wait to say! :D You always put together such beautiful posts, though they often lead to me feeling hungry for something yummy! Hehe. You have such an effortlessly chic sense of style, i'm especially loving your Isabel Marant top, so perfect for summer, which we can now FINALLY (fingers crossed) enjoy! :)

    Take care and have a great week,
    Daniella xox

  2. Oh that skirt is super cute, I love it!
    I love my children, I also love to be away from them!

  3. Oh my goodness - you look so amazing! So glad to see you in summer pieces. Enjoy the beautiful weather!

  4. I love your outfits Marlene! We're having a "heat wave" in Paris this week too. It feels all weird to be wearing shorts when it was the most natural thing in New York City.

  5. Love love love! I've finally taken to wearing a straw hat all the time because the summer sun on my black hair gives me headaches! Greetings from hot & humid NY!
    -S, who has a temporary respite from Hong Kong

  6. Stunning pics as always and still laughing at your reference to evening primrose oil for the weather. Cannot WAIT to see your photos from Provence ... oh my, you're going to LOVE it there!

  7. Glad to see you adding a bit of variation - not that I don't love your BF jeans on you. I had the same thing happen to me, I bought a Miu Miu bikini only to see it in the final reductions in the US sale (I use a mail forwarder) - but, I think when you love and want (need) something, it shouldn't matter. The heels are gorgeous, I'd been eying them up myself!

  8. I'm so lovin' that IM skirt on you. Hadn't really seen that pattern in that colorway and it flatters you so well. Looking good Marlene! Cool that you got a little break from the cold. :)


  9. Looking really good Marlene. Not sure I'm brave enough to stick myself in a pair of shorts on the blog yet ... but I'm getting there - the weather is fab and I almost feel I'm on my jollies!

  10. Love your Summer looks, especially the look with the IM skirt and Chloe sandals, just perfect!

  11. Where is this? Must visit some day. You look nothing close to 40, and you dress better than most 20 year olds.

    1. Hi Amanda, it's called The Green Man pub. Will take you there if you ever come over for a visit. Awww....thank you. You've definitely made MY day with that comment.

  12. oh man that RO jacket - what a dream! and i love the photos of the gastro pub, looks amazing!

    steph /

  13. Love your two outfit. And lovely plan for your 40th celeb! I'd be joining the 40th club soon too. ;p

    Can't wait to see your pics and reviews on Provence :)

  14. Well you look lovely in skirts! So happy you're having a real summer. The Marni sandals are great!

    We love Provence. Grew up going every summer. What a fantastic way to celebrate a birthday.



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