Weekend Snapshots

Monday 13 May 2013
Creperie by South Kensington tube station

Manolo Blahnik's tiny flagship store on Old Church St, Chelsea

A beautiful terraced house that will require more kidneys than I can afford to give up

Last Saturday, I hitched a ride with a friend to London and spent a few quiet hours strolling the streets, food gazing, talking to strangers (the result of working from home and never having an opportunity to verbalize one's thought), reading a book at a cafe, people (and shoe) watching, admiring charming townhouses and calculating how much a kidney is worth these days. 

I pinch myself every now and then, to remind myself how lucky I am to live so close to London. Far enough to appreciate the countryside and not feel overwhelmed by the fast paced city but close enough to pop over whenever I get the urge to.


After being nearly driven mad by a child who kept haranguing me to bake the Pandan Chiffon cake, I decided to give it a go. It's a fairly common cake in Malaysia with its airy, sponge-like texture along with the aromatic pandan (screwpine leaves) and coconut flavor. My sister bought the cake tin and paste for me a few years ago and I finally got around to using them for the very first time yesterday. It's actually fairly easy to bake so if you're keen to give it a go, here's the recipe.

Well, since the oven was still pretty hot, I decided to bake a Victoria Sponge as well. We had to forego dinner after a cake gorging session. After much googling, I found out that you could make your own self raising flour by simple adding 2 teaspoons of baking powder per every 150g of plain flour. Pretty neat, huh?


  1. That cake looks amazing, I was wondering what it was
    Oh and I love that little shop of MB's in Church st, I used to love going in to choose my Christmas present but it's so so tiny.

  2. I did an almost identical walk the Saturday before! The houses are amazing around and I was wondering how much a stepson might get on the black market.

    1. You made me choked on my drink! I think a stepson will fetch far more than a kidney.

  3. Very productive and interesting weekend! The cakes look delicious! x

  4. Fab photographs and that cake looks amazing

  5. Looks delish! I need to bake more often!

  6. Crémerie Crêperie is delicious- it's always on my list of eats along with Rose Bakery.

    So glad you got a chance to spend a few quiet hours walking around London. A gorgeous walk with beautiful houses along the way is always energizing.

    All of the Manolo Blahnik boutiques are so charming with their little terraces. I always love popping in.

  7. How lovely to have some time to yourself and stroll around the streets of London. I can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday!

  8. Yum, you're a good Mama, have never heard of that green and yellow cake, looks wonderful. You are so lucky to have the best of both worlds. I could not do without shops (civilisation!) nearby but too tricky to live with child in a a city. Manolo Mothership has come in!

  9. Skipping dinner because of cake is pretty much how I spend at least one weekend a month. So don't feel guilty, though I am positive you didn't have time to because it looks delicious and moist. I remember how silly I felt about the self raising flour trick too. Now its my little secret to save on groceries..

  10. Such stunning photos. I hope all your followers here are following you on Twitter as well so that they can get to see these and so much more on a regular basis. Little tweets of loveliness!

  11. Beautiful shots! I must visit the Manolo Blahnik store next time i'm in London! And those cakes look incredibly yummy, I would love to try baking that green cake you've shown us, I've never seen or heard of it before but it looks and sounds delicious! :)

    Take care and enjoy your week,
    Daniella xox

  12. I wish I could have a piece of your cake! Looks delish!!
    Catherine xo

  13. I adore white buildings with green hedges! Sounds like a lovely weekend. Going to try that baking powder trick with my gluten free plain flour - fingers crossed!

  14. So sorry I missed you this weekend. Save a slice of cake for me please :) Looks super yummy x

  15. I love these cute pictures and that cake looks so delicious, very yummy!!!

  16. I love pandan cakes and yours look good!



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