Pass It Forward: 3 Unconventional Bloggers

Friday 10 May 2013
These 3 aren't your conventional bloggers. They don't do popular, mainstream or your typical run of the mill type of fashion blogging. They're so different that they're actually cool. They send a clear message about their individuality and make no excuses about it. That's also the very reason why I love reading their blogs. These 3 ladies are also rather camera shy so don't expect to see their faces plastered all over their blogs.

Jess of Empty Emptor

Jess is a post-doctoral cognitive neuroscientist from the U.K. Her writing is riveting, thought provoking, insightful and not without plenty of research material to back up her arguments. In fact, she reminds me of Dana Thomas, the brilliant author of How Luxury Lost Its Lustre who doggedly pursued every avenue to uncover the reality behind luxury brands. Jess explores various topics ranging from consumption driven by blogs to the two sides of so called ethical practices within the fashion industry. I'm slowly going through her entire archive which I believe should be compiled into a book.

Amanda of Assembled Haphazardly

Though I hate all insects, I do have a brain the size of one so I flit from topic to topic, thanks to an extremely short attention span. That's also the reason why Amanda's blog appeals to me as it's more of a journal of her thoughts on food, fashion and life. It feels personal, more of a one on one conversation with a close friend. I love that she doesn't follow trends but marches to the beat of her  drum in her own gentle manner.

Aliya of Aesthetic Li

You may recognize Aliya from her popular blog, Marant Philes dedicated to all things Isabel Marant. However, Aesthetic Li has a wider scope and covers street style along with her own outfits. It can be a little demoralizing when you see picture perfect photos of perfectly made up, super thin and tall who often ended up modeling for brands. Kudos to them. However, the majority of ladies on Planet Earth are a little, how do you say, shorter, have problem areas and dress to suit their lifestyle as well as made up of all different skin colors. The North Caroline based speech therapist includes a wide variety of street style fashion that's not only chic but also relatable.


  1. Thank you for the intro - you always pick fab blogs to add to the reading list.
    Have a wonderful weekend! x

  2. I love Amanda's blog and love her personal style too. I think I want to be her. Or at least have her Church's loafers :o)

  3. Thanks for the link to my blog, Marlene. I draw so much inspiration from all the other bloggers you recommend as well as your own blog.

  4. Thanks so much for your kind words about my blog. Knowing people get something out of it certainly motivates me to keep investigating new topics and writing new posts.

  5. Well done Marlene these are fab. I've been desparate for new blogs for ages and the second one is exactly the sort of thing I'm looking for. Keep them coming!
    Jess' blog is amazing and I feel like an intellectual minnow compared to her.



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