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Wednesday 22 May 2013
The lovely Avril of School Gate Style who secretly nominated me (behind my back!) just informed me that I've made it to the finals of Britmums' Brilliance In Blogging Award 2013 along with herself and Kat of Does My Bum Look 40 in This (no, they don't, Kat)?  Congratulations, ladies! A huge thank you to all of you for voting for me. This is totally unexpected. I couldn't have done it without all of you.


While most people have a vase of flowers to decorate their home, I have a salad window box or in this case, a salad table box. The problem with food obsessed individuals is that we don't see cute duckies swimming merrily in the river, we see floating Beijing roast duck served with pancakes, hoisin sauce and julienne spring onions. My salad box is a wonderful conversation starter but more importantly, it's a never ending source of food for me during spring, provided I don't yank out the roots.

Just in case if you're wondering if I've somehow undergone a miraculous metamorphosis from a plant murderer to having a green thumb overnight......... I bought it for 0.99 pence from the supermarket. Now that's what I call instant gratification.


Lately, my favorite drink has been elderflower cordial mixed with carbonated water and decorated with a sprig of mint. After having broken numerous glasses, I couldn't be bothered buying anymore. Besides, these empty mason jars are way cooler than ordinary glasses. So if you want to save yourself some money and be hip, don't chuck out your jam jars especially if they look this good.


  1. Just thinking rather than receiving flowers, I think I might just prefer a salad box instead, pretty and practical! xx

  2. Congrats on the nomination! I would love to grow salad and herbs indoors but my apartment doesn't get enough sunlight even during the summer.

  3. Congratulations! You so deserve to honor. x

  4. Great info, now i need to remember to save any jam jars that come through my apartment

    xo Stephanie

  5. Oh, I used to have a salad bush as a plant, but in the last few months switched to herbs. I think salads make gorgeous decorations and taste great, too. As for the jars, I keep a few of the same design and use them as tiny vases for the table decoration - works really well, especially in a garden. :)

    Congratulations on getting to the finals - exciting!!!


  6. Congratulations on getting through Marlene! Definitely well deserved.

    You make the simplest things look beautiful.

  7. Mmm... elderflower cordial! So refreshing. Such a lovely way to serve the drinks in those cute glasses.

    A huge congratulations on getting to the finals! You absolutely deserve and have my vote!

    - Mandi
    Find Me A Muse

  8. SO well deserved - I didn't just nominate you because you're a lovely person. You genuinely deserve this and I hope, hope, hope you win! Looking forward to meeting up on the night, Ax
    PS thank you for the mention!



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