Spring in the air

Monday, 20 May 2013
Outfit: Comptoir des Cotonniers pea coat (similar here), Petit Bateau mariniere top (or here), Zara jeans, See by Chloe sandals (similar here and E.U, here), Chanel sunnies and Barbour bag.

Outfit: Etoile Isabel Marant parka (similar here), Alexander Wang t-shirt (E.U here), James Jeans "Twiggy", See by Chloe sandals (similar here and E.U, here), Barbour bag and Chanel sunnies.

Outfit: Burberry jacket (similar here, E.U here), Uniqlo sweater, Zara jeans, Hermes belt, Repetto flats (E.U here) and Barbour bag.

The problem with dieting is that if you're deprived of something, you crave for it more.  The same goes for sunshine here in the U.K. The minute there's a hint of sunshine, what feels like the entire population of the U.K descend upon the beaches, parks and town centers en masse. Erm..... myself included. If you've noticed that I'm a little slow with emails, replying to comments..... I blame it on the sun.

Every now and then, I go off fashion. Fashion, Schfashion. Too much of a good thing is well....too much, really. So for the past week or two, I've been going for walks (a very good thing), Instagramming practically everything and anything that's static or mobile (not too good as exhibiting OCD behavior) and eating (NOT good). I've even managed to twist Lil L's arm to have my photos taken. She was able to multi-task remarkably well - composing the shots while rolling her eyes (I'm surprised her eyeballs weren't stuck to the back of her skull) and critiquing my poses (honesty is over-rated).

Carrie Bradshaw and J.K Rowling do most of their writing in a cafe. I, on the other hand, live in the U.K so blogging in a pub is TOTALLY acceptable. By the way, this pub here is also known as my second office. Oh, and they serve a bloody good Sunday roast.



While most people upgrade from a phone camera to a proper DSLR, I do the opposite. Lugging around a heavy camera with a lens big enough to knock out a human ain't all that fun. All photos are taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note phone.


  1. Gorgeous pictures! Lil L sounds too cute! I just checked the forecast and it looks like there won't be much sun if at all while I'm visiting. Pfft!

  2. You look really pretty with you hair up. And I love that you blog from the pub!
    I bought some See by Chloe shoes similar to yours and they are SO comfy, i know I'm not going to take them off all summer. Thanks for the recommendation x

    1. Brand Alley had the same See by Chloe sandals for sale at less than HALF (!!!!) the retail price a few months ago. I managed to nab for a friend of mine.

  3. Lovely spring looks. I'm glad to hear that you are getting some sun:)

  4. You look so so cute and fresh in your stripes and short navy jacket (and that Burberry jacket is fantastic too). OOOh that Sunday lunch they just don't do that here. I so miss white bread bacon and egg and wocestershire sauce sarnies and those lunches. Think your Samsung pics are better than the I=phone ones!

  5. You look amazing in everything!!!

  6. Lovely post my dear and even with a phone you take great photos! I love all three of your outfits, so chic and may I just say that your coat/jacket collection is nothing short of amazing! I love every single one that you are sporting in these looks :)

    Take care and have a wonderful week,
    Daniella xox

  7. I think when it comes to Spring, there is no such thing as too much. I love the flowers in bloom, and the ability to layer while still going barelegged. LOVING your outfits. God damn you have a great jacket collection x

  8. Marlene you look so Parisienne-chic in the first photo!! That's what I want to look like in Paris in the spring :)))

    Plus I love what you've said about the sun and how we go a bit bonkers for it... so true. Oh and can I have the house in the last house please? I'd like to have that for myself. Just a little pad in the town, thanks very much ;)

    Hope you're well my lovely!! Have a great week!

    Catherine x

    1. The house in the last house... doh! The house in the last PHOTO, of course.

  9. GORGEOUS and the food looks incredible too!xx

  10. Great photos as always Marlene...both yours and Lil L's! She's sure got the photographic gene there and lol at her rolling her eyes at oldest does that too. He's the one who always wants paid for taking my photos. Hence I take my chances with the 4 year old who's not yet worked out that there's money to be made! Have a great week Marlene, Ax

  11. you've lost weight marlene! looking absolutely fab, especially in that first outfit :) super chic! those see by chloe sandals are great. and glad you guys have been getting some sun..

    steph /

    1. Steph, I haven't lost an ounce. Sad to say really :( The wide angle lens on the phone has an incredible slimming effect.

  12. I just adore the way you write with such humour. And love the moments and places you've captured. I'm carrying my SLR around less in daily life which means many moments aren't captured - I don't have a smart phone, shock horror. Enjoy the sunshine! My apologies that I find cloudy days much more inviting for my eyes - having said that we do get very healthy doses of sunshine so I still get my vitamin D and would surely miss it if we had none!

  13. I've always totally liked Bf jeans on you but I must say, you look equally as awesome in skinny jeans! I love the ones you're wearing on you Marlene. Each and every look is mixed/matched in a way that I just really like and awesome that you've been able to have a bit of good weather out there. Lil L did a great job with the pics and your phone takes really good quality photos. Lovely post! :)


  14. Oh my - I have been put to shame by a 7 year old photographer - I'm referring to how I didn't manage to take a single good picture of you with your camera the first time we met in London. I am suitably shame faced. But hasn't she done a lovely job? I love all these outfits - it's why I love looking at what you're wearing - wearable but fashionable clothes. Looks which don't look over tried and over accessorised and suitable for a day out with a child but in the best possible taste. Perfecto Mondo.

  15. I'm so glad to hear that you are still in your 'healthy' living kind of space. I was thinking about you today actually with your exercise plan and was wondering how you were going. Glad to see you're still on track even if there are a few 'off the wagon' experiences better to be good most of the time than none of it.

    You work boyfriend jeans in utter style! Little L is a wizz with the camera. Dare I say people will be lining up for skills very soon!

    - Mandi
    Find Me A Muse

  16. You look beautiful in these pictures. Little L is a natural talent in photography!

  17. lovevvvvvve ur outfit posts!!!! the 1st image=the best! LOVE. xO!


  18. Love these looks Marlene, u do that style so well. I love those Zara jeans they're a gorgeous colour!

  19. The great British pub Sunday Lunch is a institution! Sounds like you have a good one there! xx

  20. I must say your daughter has your photography genes! So well-taken:)

    I love all the outfits you are wearing and yes, so parisenne!

  21. First of all, I adore your pea coat and the first outfit so much! I went to CdC a few weeks ago and fell in love with so many of the things there.
    Also my husband would agree with you about the camera - he had a "proper" one for a while, but then swapped for something much much smaller because he hated the whole idea of carrying all the bulk around. :)



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