Pass It Forward: 3 Bloggers

Friday 15 March 2013
I'm often left in awe of personal style bloggers. I just don't know how they do it. Outfits are planned well in advance, hair done to perfection and make up is immaculately applied. I'm lucky if I brushed my hair in any of the selfie shots. Doing my hair means swiveling my head from side to side vigorously so that it falls "naturally". Make up's completely foreign to me. I've progressed from joining dots along my eyelid (we're talking about eyeliner here) to drawing a jagged line (no artistic talent whatsoever and that includes drawing a straight line).

I'm wearing track pants, sweatshirt and trainers as I'm typing out this post. My only saving grace is they're skinny track pants from Petit Bateau, my well worn sweatshirt is from Isabel Marant and the trainers add 3 inches to my height.

Heather Fonseca of The Style Confessions


Heather is not just a style blogger, she's a mom, wife and fashion designer for teen fashion dolls. She graduated with a major in fashion design and interned at Cerutti 1881 before working for Mattel. What initially attracted me to her blog was the vast fashion tips she freely shared with readers including the angst surrounding fashion bloggers. It's never boring, sometimes thought provoking and always honest. Her warmth and sincerity reel you in. It's as if you're having a conversation with a close friend.

Wendy Gilmour of Thankfifi


I met Wendy at the London Fashion Week as we waited to get into a fashion show. She regaled us with hilarious anecdotes about being photographed outside the shows. The stylish Glaswegian's street style outfits were posted on Vogue, Elle, Refinery 29 etc etc. She's warm, down to earth, funny AND looks like a model. Sometimes life just isn't fair. Her fashion accessory is her dog but to be perfectly honest, her dashing and stylish husband (who's also her photographer) is a top contender as well.

Margot of You Make Fashion


Margot is a Parisian these days but she was born in Biarritz. She started this blog a few years ago to document her move to London. Her blog is written in her native tongue so if your French sucks the way mine does, you'll need to use google translate.  You Make Fashion is a feast for the eyes, utterly charming and fascinating. It's not strictly personal style per se as she also covers DIYs (i.e. how to make leather "paper" bag), eating places in Paris, fashion events and much much more.


  1. You get about the internet!
    I'm in the same outfit as you, but I can't even tell you my brands, you wouldn't talk to me anymore.

    1. Hahaha....Tabitha, if you saw what I wore yesterday, you wouldn't even want to stand next to me....ever.

  2. I don't know where you manage to find all these blogs! Always love to stumble across new ones and your weekly series is great for this :)

  3. I know ThankFifi and think Wendy is lovely and inspirational. Down to earth and with a wonderful high low mix in the what she wears. I've not heard of The Style Confessions or You Make Fashion but they do look very interesting and a huge thank you for introducing me to google translate. I follow quite a lot of French blogs - no idea what they are saying but they look wonderful but now I can actually try to understand what they are saying. I'll have even less time to write my own if I'm now trying to read French ones as well!

  4. So wonderful to discover so many interesting blogs at once - thank you for sharing the links! x

  5. Thank you so much for featuring my blog on your round up! Your review really made my day. I will have to check out the other two blogs as well, as I've never heard of either of them.

  6. wow, cool blogs, Wendy Gilmour looks STUNNING

  7. I don't know any of these bloggers, but I am definitely going to check them all out right now, so thanks for the tips :)

  8. I wonder what it feels like to a) have a photographer instead of an iphone camera and b) to feel that confident in what you are wearing and how you look to have a personal style blog. It must be amazing! Meanwhile I just take all the inspiration I can from the stylish! Great links again Marlene x

  9. I always joke with my friend...i will never become a successful blogger because I don't have a photographer bf/ husband. I actually find a lot of fashion bloggers are too fake. They dress up for the camera but some of them look messy in real life. Too much acting...I admire the one that dresses nice everyday not just for a few posts. Blogging is about expressing yourself not acting.

    don't get me wrong, I am not trashing your friends :) they can be the exception.
    Cammi @

  10. Haven't heard about these bloggers before, but will definitely check them out! Thanks so much for sharing Marlene!

  11. I love finding new-to-me blogs and these are all new to me! I could never be a personal style blogger mostly because I hate having posed photos taken of myself alone!

  12. I love Wendy's style!!


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