Pass It Forward: 3 Bloggers

Friday 8 March 2013
I read A LOT of blogs. And I do mean A LOT in order to find 3 gold mines every Friday (okay, I've missed a few Fridays. Sorrrrrry!!). I can't physically comment on all of them but one thing's for sure, there's an incredible pool of talent in the blogosphere. The mind boggles when I think how these so called ordinary women go to their day job, an occupation which couldn't be more unrelated to the kind of incredible work they're dishing out on their blog. It just goes to show that there are a lot of you out there with exceptional hidden talents.

Megan of Pretty in Pink Megan

All of sudden, I was seeing a spike in traffic to my blog. It all pointed back to Megan. And then I started trawling through her website. Ahh....the Goyard. Her outfits. I want her fur vest too. The Saint Laurent duffle bag. Nooooooo..... (getting heart palpitation as I'm writing this. Purse addicts will understand my feelings perfectly). And suddenly, it occurred to me that we're on the same wavelength. All my heart's desires are featured on her blog. Megan lives in Memphis, US and deems herself as a southern belle.

Not to sound stalkerish or anything but check out that beautiful ginger hair of hers (I've always wanted ginger hair) and peaches and cream complexion. Le sigh. Guess the grass is green on the other side (or redder).

C of Aesthetical Alterations

C is an editor as well as a talented photographer whose work is sold in galleries. She is also a walking encyclopedia of anything Hermes, a Church's brogue and DvF wrap dress devotee.

I've known C since our Purse Forum years where our obsession for all things Hermes was first ignited and sad to say, shows no sign of abating. After a flurry of emails last year, we were both bummed when we realized that we missed each other in Paris by 1 day. 1 measly day. Oh well, C, you'll have to make your way back to Paris again. We'll probably need an entire day to catch up seeing that we have so much to talk about.

Lizzie Garrett Mettler of Tomboy Style

Lizzie's blog, Tomboy Style is a fascinating read, one that grips your attention immediately and before you know it, an hour flew past. She's a journalist by trade and has just recently published her book, Tomboy Style: Beyond the boundaries of fashion which is based on her blog. It covers an array of topics from fashion to lifestyle to interviews. A word of warning: it's addictive.


  1. you are too sweet! thanks for the shout out :)

  2. Fabulous list. I have loved C's blog for ages...she has talent, taste and generosity to spare! One of my favourites in the blogosphere.

  3. Thank you, Marlene. This was a wonderful surprise—and it started the merriness of the weekend. I'm already loving the other two blogs you've highlighted.

    And Ammu—thank you, too!


  4. Gorgeous red hair, almost creamy red and wonderful with that camel sweater! Heading right on over

  5. I must have been separated at birth from you because I have always said that if I ever came back on this earth in human form again - I want to be a redhead with porcelain skin too. Life would be a little more difficult - all that suncream and being delicate but it would be a small price to pay for such gorgeousness. Megan looks awesome.

  6. Hi there-lovely blogs to feature, I will be checking them out for sure! Hope you have a good weekend xx

  7. 3 great blogs I hadn't seen before, thanks for sharing! Hope you have a lovely weekend :)

    Away From The Blue

  8. Thanks for feeding my blog following addiction:)

  9. Three blogs to add to my reading list! :)

  10. Seconding Sue's comment on being a redhead in my next life.. how amazing is Megan's hair?! Off to stalk her, haha.

    steph /

  11. M, you did it again. I am now hooked on Tomboy style, it's just so me (lol!) and of course I already know Aesthetic's Alteration's C as a fellow tpfer. I am off to check the Southern Belle red haired beauty...No, I have curly hair and I have never dreamed of being a red haired but just plain straight hair gal with bangs! I have and never will be able to try that out, but dread locks or Afro, well I don't have to try at least...
    Hugs to you

    1. F, the tomboy style is so totally us. I've tried to be feminine and go down the more polished route but it's just not me. Funny that. We always want to be what we're not. I know many Asians with straight hair who keep perming their hair to get curls like yours!

  12. I want to check out tomboy style :)



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