Pass It Forward: 3 Instagram Superstars

Friday 8 February 2013
I am utterly obsessed/addicted/nuts about Instagram (check mine out here or find cookiesncandies there). It's a visual feast for the eyes with a whole spectrum of photos covering every subject matter under the sun. Don't say I didn't warn you. It's highly addictive. Here are 3 instagrammers that I'm loving right now.

Alice_gao of Lingered Upon

I've featured Alice here before but her name needs another mention. She's the superstar in the world of Instagramming with hundreds of thousands of followers who wait with bated breath to see her photos on a daily basis. What she can do with that iPhone of hers confounds me. Just goes to show you don't always need an expensive camera to get an awesome result.

cachemireetsoie of Cachemire Et Soie (cashmere and silk)

It was my friend, Christy who brought Anne Solange's instagram photos to my attention. I was instantly mesmerized by the stream of beautiful photos which more or less encapsulates the French lifestyle. Anne's a Parisian and an author who also freelances for magazines. Little wonder as her blog looks just like the pages of a lifestyle magazine.


Naomi Phan-Quang takes some of the most endearing photos that never fail to either evoke a feeling of nostalgia or puts a smile on your face. Though she focuses mostly on her kids, friends and family, her landscape photos are just as breathtaking.


  1. I am crazy obsessed with instagram too! can literally end up spending hours going from one instagrammer to the next, now thanks to jen from style crusader, i have found a new obsession. vine. it's the best! xx

    1. Lola, this is the second time I've heard someone mentioned about Vine. I'll check it out. Thank you for the recommendation!

    2. I heart VINE! And, a new found obsession (well, for me, at least), is Glossi.

  2. I don't instagram, but these photos are feast for the eyes!

  3. I love Instagram so much! I will be sure to check these out, wish my images were as beautiful!

  4. I love Instagram and I love opening it up and being inspired. I've now been drawn to more thoughtfully curated Instagram accounts, thanks for introducing me to these ones Marlene. I'm not following any of them yet.

  5. Amazing pics and great inspiration:)

    Check out my blog:

  6. hi M!

    I know.. its been so long! I'm doing great, starting to settle down about baby's new life and schedule.
    My little rascal just started his kindergarten so i hope i can grab more time to blog..
    This is my new blog:

    Hope you drop by sometimes :)

    I don't have Instagram.... but I like their pictures... amazing!

    Take care... xoxo,M

  7. What brilliant accounts! They have some amazing shots. Thanks for sharing

    xx Mandi

  8. I only use Instagram for filters on pictures and don't use it to share my pictures on Instagram. Unfortunately it's all too much for me to keep up. But I do love looking at Instagram pictures and these pictures are all just amazing. Thanks so much for sharing, I really need to find the time to check them out some time.

  9. Such inspirational accounts! Thank you for sharing.

    The kiddies are just too cute!



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