Living in a medieval town

Monday 4 February 2013
The cotton candy colored terraced houses along a narrow road. Believe it or not, it's a 2 way street which requires the garbage truck to back all the way up the road if there's another car coming from the opposite direction.

I didn't realize you could have half of a house number!

Catching up with a friend while taking in the majestic cathedral where Jane Austen was laid to rest.

Local artists' work displayed under the arches of a 750 year old church and along the street which was used in parts of Les Miserables film starring the yummy Hugh Jackman and gorgeous Anne Hathaway.

One of the dozens of churches that dot around the city center.

The exuberance of a child who doesn't know the word t-i-r-e-d

I'm often asked by friends if I prefer London or Paris. I love both and visit them often. Yes, the two cities are vibrant, charming, exciting, often over-romanticized in books and are full of contrasts if you scratch below the surface. BUT....... I'm also relieved when I get on that train to come home to the little medieval town I live in. My senses are wired from the lights, noise, crowd, architecture, the plethora of every imaginable entertainment available to humankind and I shut down, much like my MacBook when I run multiple browsers for too long. 

I find myself having to recharge and be surrounded by nature before I'm ready to take on London again. I often pretend I'm a tourist and lug around a camera around my neck, much to the amusement of my friends and shopkeepers who know me. Kids run around the thousand year old buildings playing duck-duck-goose or hide and seek or hoist a large shopping bag full of bread to feed the ducks and swans along the river that meanders along the edges of the town center. The strong current of the Itchen pushes the wheel of thousand year old restored mill which grinds the wheat into flour.

Hope you've enjoyed a glimpse into my little world!


  1. What a charming place! I can see why you love to call it home. And the hovering pic of your daughter is awesome =)

  2. Such lovely architecture and that's one of the things that I always admire when I'm visiting parts of Europe. The picture of the church is just beautiful and what an incredibly cute pic of Lil L. Nice post Marlene.


  3. Thanks for sharing! Such beautiful pics.. Your little one is growing up so quickly!

  4. Sigh.....I need this world! L is a wonder! Adorable and so chic!

  5. lovely dreamy little town.. beautiful photos as always marlene! how cute is lil l!

    steph /

  6. Oh I absolutely want to visit the coastal cities! I hear Bournemouth is absolutely gorgeous, so maybe one of these days I'll actually get to make the trek from Eastbourne all the way to Plymouth via a bike. Thanks for sharing! E

  7. Oh it's beautiful, I love little villages - that's my escape plan for my old age, somewhere calm without all the sturm and drang of the big city.

  8. What a beautiful place - you are very lucky

  9. Lovely pictures Marlene. Where do you live exactly?

  10. The picture of Lil L is awesome. I want here boots ;o)

  11. hi Marlene!

    I know i've gone for so long!!! but i'm happy to be back on blogging again and to see your posts and beautiful pictures!!! take care.


    ps. I'm going to Paris next week for a week celebrating birthday and valentines day ;)

    1. Oh my gosh, Meg!! How have you been??? It has been so long. It's so wonderful to see your comment today. Keep in touch.

  12. Lovely photos! I totally know what you mean about needing to be surrounded by nature to also enjoy cities however beautiful in their own right. I think I've been to your neck of the woods - a long time ago - last millennium - for a day trip and went to see the film Titanic that had just come out. The cinema was the most beautiful I'd ever been in up to then and since - I wonder if it's still there if I've got the right town. So I have very fnd memories of seeing the film in such a setting. Lil L is always so happy!

  13. This town is full of picturesque charm and such lovely architecture too. Lil L is such a charmer as well :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves
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  14. Love the pictures of your town. So beautiful!! Your daughter is adorable and she has great style!!

  15. Ooh I love this sneak peak and your thoughts. The coloured houses are gorgeous, but wow, I can't imagine it being two way for vehicles! Is it nerve wracking to be a pedestrian on the little sidewalk? I know what you mean about recharging. I love living inner city but still take time out from it - I do it by walking along the waterfront so that there's space on one side of me. Or urban parks.

  16. Hehe! The photo of the street reminds me of the little village where Ollie's family live, it's full of tiny roads like that & little cottages, typical rural English countryside, it's so dreamy.
    Beautiful photos as always. The cathedral is breathtaking, I'm such a fan of grand gothic architecture like this, it muse be lovely to live so close by to such beauty :)

  17. Stunning - what a gorgeous place to live. And that picture of Lil L has just brightened up my day. What a gorgeous girl and I'm with you on the t-i-r-e-d!! Avril xx

  18. These pictures are amazing and it looks like such a great place to live in. Oh and did I mention that you're such a talented photographer with such a great eye for details! And love your cute daughter, so adorable! :)

  19. Such a cute little please!! I love visiting little villages!


    Five Minute Style 

  20. I love Winchester!
    We live near Chichester which is also beautiful...

  21. It's really beautiful Marlene, and I can't believe that street is a two way one. I wish the US had rich architecture like Europe. I'd love to live in London or Paris (but this is also probably from the over-romanticized view I have of it)...
    Great pictures!
    - Aliya :)

  22. I loved this post. You are lucky to be living in such a beautiful area, and I understand you so much about the cities vs the countryside. I am a city girl in my little town and when I go to the big city (Paris), I feel great going back home, where I can see a vulcanic lanscape and cows in the meadows are but 30 minutes away:)
    Your Lil L is adorable, just like her mama!

  23. I love this post with all the little quirks of your town. The first picture and its caption had me smiling.

  24. Love narrow streets and houses with half numbers. Just add a little garden at the entrance & terrace and that would be my dream home:) Lil L is too cute!!!



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