3 Chic & Practical Street Style Looks from Fashion Week

Friday 22 February 2013
Photo credit: Harper's Bazaar
Photo credit: Harper's Bazaar

Photo credit: Tommy Ton

I had a chance to speak to a few ladies who work for magazines and stores. Part of their job is covering the Fashion Week. One thing led to another and we got talking about outfits. As in the inappropriate but extremely photogenic ones worn by attendees and Fashion Week groupies. I have seen those who looked like they were on the verge of hypothermia and others that you winced in sympathy as they walked past like stick man because their pencil thin heels were so high.

Just in case you're wondering, yes, I say this with a hint of envy. They may be freezing to death but boy, did they look so darn good.  I, on the other hand, was dressed sensibly *yaaaawwwwn*. I swore I saw a few street style photographers put down their cameras as I walked past.

Vanity sits on one shoulder and practicality sits on the other. That's me I'm talking about. So, what's trending now?
1)  wearing what looks like a sofa throw or blanket around your neck. Why wear a cashmere shawl when you can wear an entire blanket? Perhaps it's time I use my 6 year old's blankie.
2) having your jacket perched rather precariously on your shoulders to show off your outfit better. Never mind, you're turning blue from the cold or that you can't move your shoulders for fear of your jacket falling off. pssssst.....I've tried this. I felt soooooo trendy (and cold but it's trendy to be cold, right?)
3) bare legs in winter. Wolford or Falke tights are so yesterday, darlings.

Perhaps there's a way to look chic despite the bitter cold winter we're facing right now. Like the 3 chic but appropriately dressed ladies in the photos.


  1. I often find it interesting to see street style photos of folks in what I would deem weather inappropriate outfits despite it being stylish, what-have-you. I for one have a hard time staying warm in this cold! I'm with you on vanity & practicality, of which the latter almost always wins. ;)

  2. Very demure looking ladies, lovely though. I do so love Street Style pictures x

  3. That photo of Ms. Alt is the bomb. I've seen a couple of shots of her look, and it's all I want to emulate right now. All I need is to grow about half-a-foot. . . . (looking around) where's my grow juice?

    But in all seriously, I can't imagine wearing flimsy pieces in the cold. Winter clothing and coats are so beautiful, so why not show them off?

  4. I'm sick to death of being wrapped up in layers. I just look big and bulky but I so hate to freeze my extremities off so I guess I will have to stick with big and bulky. So I guess I'm just one of those boring practical people then. Put your cameras away everyone!

  5. Hehe this is great post. Love all these looks you have chosen for winter-chic inspiration :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  6. These three looks I find really inspiring and relatable. What a refreshing change. Marlene I've never seen you looking anything other than chic!

    - Mandi

  7. Yes, leave it to Emmanuelle to put everyone else to shame...
    "I swore I saw a few street style photographers put down their cameras as I walked past." - pretty funny...
    - Aliya:)

  8. Haha you're such a riot! Is that Peony in the last image? I absolutely adore her style. As for the sofa throw, that's just another example of fashion and practicality finally merging (yay!). First sweatpants, then designer sneakers and now turkey necks!

    xx Jenee C.
    {camo meets couture}

    1. The last one's Emmanuelle Alt. Hahaha.... yup, I fail as a style blogger!! Can't bear taking yet another pic of myself.

  9. What's the secret to keep the coat from falling off your shoulders Marlene? I can't seem to do it! I does look oh so trendy. I've had trouble understanding the bare legs too, especially when they are accompanied with very obvious goosebumps! I wear shorts in the winter and I love it but always with tights and with a nice warm coat (worn properly of course!)

    In more exciting news (perhaps not for you, but for me) is that Canberra is having their own little version of fashion week! It's called Fashfest and happening in May! xoxox

  10. This had me cracking up! I'd sell a lung for #2's gorgeous navy, gray and black coat!!!

  11. really love these practical looks, something i'd definitely go for if it's snowing!!

    steph /

  12. Love Sarah Rutson and the last Tommy Ton picture! Finally some more practical outfits :)

  13. i would definitely pick comfort and warmth over looking too chic! But I love the look of that wooly coat in the last picture! that looks WARM.



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