Isle of Wight

Wednesday 15 August 2012
Shanklin Beach
IOW-Shanklin sunset
Shanklin beach overlooking the mainland


Thank you so much for all the lovely comments in the previous post. I've always been camera shy but what a wonderful welcome! The compliments had been walking around on cloud nine the entire day!

The weather was glorious throughout out short stay on the Isle of Wight. The English weather is a little like the Russian roulette. You just never know when you're going to be drenched by yet another downpour. I took the advice of a B&B owner and booked the trip via Raileasy instead of buying the train/ferry separately. The island is a mere 20 minute ferry ride from the mainland which is a handy getaway for many mainlanders during the summer months.

The Isle of Wight was Queen Victoria's favorite vacation spot but became her permanent residence after the death of Prince Albert. Since this is the UK we're talking about, there were plenty of thousand year old churches and castle ruins to be seen. Having seen plenty of the two, I decided to spend the 3 days wandering aimlessly through the different towns to get a feel for the place instead.

IOW-shanklin old village
IOW-shanklin old village2
Church at Godshill
Sundial at Godshill with thatched cottages in the background

If there's one thing that Shanklin and Godshill are famous for, it'd be these charming English thatched cottages. These thatched roofs as I'm told need to be replaced once every 10 years or so but are thick enough to be a good sound barrier.



Cowes is the place to go for anyone who's obsessed about yachting. In fact, the little town held the world's first regatta and the original America's Cup before they lost it permanently to the Americans. The stores that lined the High street sell all sorts of sailing paraphernalia that will certainly satisfy any yachting enthusiasts. Cowes was bustling with tourists on the day we were there. There were bands playing, yachts racing across the finishing line and shops doing a roaring business.



How could we leave the place without sampling two of the most iconic British fares? The Victorian sponge and fish and chips.


  1. Thanks for the tour. What a cutie in photo 3!

  2. Look at little L! This is my kind of spot. Like a fairy village!

  3. You have a gift for finding typical English villages ! I can feel the atmosphere of the places you visited thanks to these lovely pictures .

  4. Oh this is absolute perfection, if only we had the weather, eh?
    I love Victoria sponge but mine always has about two inches of cream in the middle.

  5. Gorgeous!!! And those fish and chips....! Were they as good as they looked?

  6. I have been wanting to visit the Isle of Wright!! Thank you so much for posting this. I LOVE IT! Your pictures are just incredible. Make me feel like I'm right there with you!!!

  7. Those roofs. I have added them to my list of random things I really want to see. At the moment it's the Kiwi bird, because I'm headed to New Zealand in December.

    By the way, would you mind if I emailed you on some advice on travelling through South Island?

    1. For sure, Lin! I hope I could at least repay you for the detailed tip on Czech. I've done quite a lot of traveling around South Island so feel free to email me.

  8. These photos are amazing, it shows that you guys had a great time ! And I cannot get enough of your little cutey, she's adorable !! xx

  9. all these pictures look like they are straight out of a postcard! thanks for sharing your travel ventures ;)

  10. These pictures are awesome! You are a great photographer.


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  11. This town is so picture perfect! I do love english cottages. How cute is your little girl, how old is she? Did you say you were soon to be 40? There is just no way!

    xx Jenee C.

  12. Looks and sounds like such a lovely place. Every time I read one of your posts on your travels, it makes me want to go somewhere. The photos are gorgeous like always and Lil L is just such a cutie! :)


  13. Looks absolutely amazing! The colour of the water is stunning.

  14. wow the place looks amazing! love those quaint-looking houses and buildings. can't get over how adorable the roofs look lol! and the classic fish and chips dish- so good! :)

  15. What a charming place. I've friends who live in the Isle of Wight, but I've never been there. Maybe it's time to pay my friends a visit... :)

  16. This places looks heavenly!! Seriously, it looks like a dream to me, so quant and lovely! Great and beautiful photos!


  17. These are beautiful photos. You really captured the serenity of the place love it!

    I just followed your blog via goggleconnect I would love if you could like my page on Facebook!


  18. Your photos are always gorgeous. I cant imagine how much more beautiful the actual places would be. What a great way to end the trip with yummy looking fish and chips!

    Please excuse my many typos in the comment section in a previous post. Dang..i hate auto correction thing on my phone at times.

  19. Oh my... I cannot even begin to tell you how much I want to be there. Your photo's are so beautiful and the fish and chips and Victoria sponge has my belly missing the good old English food! I'm glad you got away. What an amazing outing

    xx Mandi

  20. It looks gorgeous! Your photos always make me want to hop straight on a plane to go where you've just been - they're amazing!

  21. Those are really stunning photos.

  22. haha who is that cutie on the mast? love your mini tour.. really marlene, i love that you share these pics with us since i'll probably never get to visit some of these places ;)

  23. Oh, the photos are just stunning! ♡
    We used to visit Isle of Wight a lot when I was younger & these pictures really take me back! It is so beautiful there, I love all the old churches & thatched cottages. I love that you spent the days wandering through the towns, I think I'd do the same if I ever went back, as we only ever did the very touristy places when I was younger.

  24. I love the isle of Wight, I used to go there when I was living in Bournemouth...You were very lucky with the weather, lovely pictures!!

  25. It makes me happy to hear that you were on cloud 9. I can only hope and pray that I look as good as you do when I enter my 30s.

    These photos are gorgeous. The one of Little L is absolutely enchanting- her sweet face and that beautiful blue is stunning.

    I love seaside villages and sailing during the summer. I'm trying to still fit in a few more sailing excursions this summer.

  26. I always feel like I get to experience Europe through fellow bloggers when they travel and then post pics. Thanks for sharing, your daughter is THE cutest!
    - Aliya :)

  27. I think you have summed up the best of the British coast here with your beautiful pictures. Particularly adore the shot of Lil L!



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