7 Utility Jackets Under $250

Wednesday, 27 June 2012



It's not warm enough to step outside without a jacket. My current favorite for this season is definitely my Isabel Marant utility jacket. I'm sure I've harped on long enough here and here. The utility jacket is also known as military, field, surplus or army jacket. The mind boggles at the sheer number of names it's called.

I've found the army green color to be a great neutral as it goes with everything in my wardrobe. Red, blue, ecru, black, prints etc. I don't have to worry about mixing and matching which is something I'm not terribly good at.  It's incredible how versatile this simple and casual jacket can be. Pair it with a dress and wedge sandals and you get a feminine look. Swap the sandals with a pair of ankle boots to get a more rocker chic style. Most importantly, it has pockets. Lots of them. Enough to fit my junk so that I can get away without lugging a large bag.

A number of you have asked me about my Isabel Marant jacket. I'm afraid it's no longer available but I've pieced together a number of affordable options.

1. Topshop Army Shirt Hooded Jacket  $100
2. Paul & Joe Sister Spinner Jacket  $141.50
3. Ecote Classic Military Jacket  £75
4. Topshop Army Shirt Jacket  $96
5. Topshop Army Jacket  $96
6. Gap Boys' Convertible Utility Jacket  $36.99
7. Barbour Waxed Beadnell Utility Jacket $246


  1. This is a pretty great post, I am inspired to buy one now. I'm loving your blog, you have a new follower.

    xx Jenee C.

  2. Great post and nice selection of utility jackets! That first picture of Olivia Palermo prompted me to look everywhere for that Zara jacket. I ended up finding one in NYC that had one left in my size and then had my friend who lives there to pick it up for me and ship it. I was very proud of my obsessive accomplishment!
    - Aliya :)

  3. I love Oliva's looks and can't believe I still don't own one of these. That's gonna change ASAP!

  4. I dont have one but i like how tomboyish /relaxed look it gives. I like the way Reese wears hers.

  5. I really like the look and versatility of utility jackets and it's high time I picked one up. Army green is a pretty great neutral. Thanks for the tips!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  6. Love this post sweetie! I have a lil obsession with utility jackets, and you've found some really great ones! I just love how you can style them in so many different ways and create a range of looks!


  7. i feel like this post was dedicated to me because i have been drooling over your isabel marant jacket! and yes! it's no where to be found :(

    this post was great since i'm on the lookout for a new utility jacket! i really like #3, but the link seems to be invalid...

    and...my favorite out of the 3 has to be olivia...hands down!

    1. Jin, I had you in mind when I was writing this. Ooops! The Ecote surplus jacket is only available in the UK.

  8. I love utility jackets and I m drooling over your findings, and as they are so affordable I might fall for one. I have a cream one that I got a few years ago but I think that khaki army colored are more versatile. xx

  9. Another great post! I also love utility jackets and just got one from Zara in addition to my IM parka. Can't get enough of it. So comfy and love the casual look. Totally agree with you how easy this one can be combined with so many colors! :)

  10. I really love utility jacket.. wish I could wear it all year long! Your Isabel Marant is one of my favorites.. drool worthy!

    MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES DAILY.. where Fashion and Food collide!

  11. i have one that i wear maybe 5 days of the week:) love olivia & kate!!

  12. love them all~ as usual, impeccable taste. xx

  13. I want a Barbour jacket so much!

  14. i love a good cargo jacket!!! makes every outfit looks so effortlessly chic!

  15. Really liking the Ecote and Topshop (5) versions. Really nice picks - might have to go and see the Topshop one at some point for a try on! And within my price range.

  16. Damn Bicester for being so far away! Hopefully I'm heading to London weekend after next though, please make it warm up though, I'm tired of wearing my flipping anorak every day.

  17. Olivia looks amazing as always. I love these jackets!

  18. I like Palermos jacket
    and the second from the moodboard.

  19. Loving this post as all these women just get it so right! The Palermo middle one is perfect and love your NO 2 as well

  20. I absolutely hate green!! and khaki lol. I got my utility jacket at H&M in black and I have been wearing it to death...I like the concept I just don't like these colors : )

  21. You had me at "Reese Witherspoon"! Love these jackets. I was wondering where you were since you need a jacket (looked at your "about me" section) It is blazingggg hot here!

  22. Hey Marlene! I really like these because they're tailored without THE BULK. You know, when you use to say utility jackets you thought of The HULK! HAHAHAHA These look great and I am getting so much inspiration from the different ways they are styled. Thank you!!! Yes, seek out the Hitchcock collection. It will definitely come out this Fall IN EUROPE. Who knows when we'll see it in the States. HAHAHAHAHA

  23. I love utility jackets and the way Olivia styled hers! I purchased one last year from Old Navy for super cheap :)


  24. I love all of these... I will say I've been favoring my utility jacket a TON lately. I found mine in a place I usually don't browse through... Forever 21! Such an amazing find! Love the post.

    xo, Megan

    indie flower

  25. i love the gap one and i might go check the store out on the weekend, otherwise i might pick up the topshop one ;) all really nice picks tho i'd love the marant.. haha

  26. i love these jackets, too. zara gots some, i love them.
    maybe i buy it.
    maren anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  27. Great choices here! I'm so glad I got my little stash - so much useful and versatile than I ever imagined - how did I ever manage so long without?!

  28. they are so adorable, i want one.


  29. Thanks for posting this!! I have been thinking of getting one. Now I HAVE to get one.

  30. Ok, clearly it's time I got myself one of these jackets! New follower! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  31. This really is such a wonderfully versatile piece isn't it... I'm almost considering getting myself a second one!

  32. I like how Reese Witherspoon styled hers! I probably don't have a need for one in Singapore although I do love yours IM's:)

    But I do find myself stalking a certain cotton/linen one from A.P.C. Ahh.. needless things we need!

  33. I love utility jackets!! I didn't think it would be so hard to find a decent affordable one, but it was! thanks for sharing these affordable picks. I really like Olivia Palermo's way of styling them too :) she somehow makes everything so classy-looking.


  34. I'm a huge fan of utility jackets. Thanks for all of the style inspiration pictures! My favorite has to be the first one of Olivia Palermo. I saw #5 on your list when I was in Topshop last weekend and was tempted to purchase it :)

  35. Yay! You've done all the hard work of finding the jackets that I'm been dreaming of. I swear looking at Olivia and Kate for me makes me want to rush and buy a utility jacket. Such style queens!

    xx Mandi

  36. Army green/olive in such a lovely neutral color and it looks so cute with stripes. Olivia and Kate look so good hear:)

  37. I have an olive jacket, but it doesn't have the cool details of the ones here. Nevertheless, you've inspired me to dig it out of the closet! :)

  38. I really ought to get one - I've just put it on my list :)



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