6 Ways to Wear Your T-Shirt Dress

Monday, 11 June 2012
Outfit: Uniqlo t-shirt dress (similar here)

I have this boring black t-shirt dress. It's .... how should I describe it?....rather meh. Sorry, that's the best I can come up with because it's that bad. I bought it from Uniqlo in a moment of madness. I went through a phase where I was gripped by an all consuming lust for t-shirt dresses. Once the hunger has been satiated, I was left with a pile of them. Rather alarming really. The same thing in different colors.

The other day, just as I was going to toss it into my nearly-new-but-utterly-undesirable pile of clothes to be delivered to the nearest charity shop, I decided to rescue the dress and see if I can revive it. Since I'm rather petite, anything that touches my knees without a more structured waistline makes me look like the middle aged women in a Greek village who favor the traditional black frumpy dress.

Outfit: Uniqlo t-shirt dress (similar here) and Zara leopard print belt (similar here)

So let's start with the dress. Add a leopard print belt and shimmy it down a little. Just let it hang loosely on the hips. Next pull the fabric up to shorten it in order to show more legs. Yeah, baby. Now we're talking.  I'm 38 not 68 so let's go with my super duper The Kooples hidden wedge sneakers for a more contemporary look. More importantly, they add a much needed 3 inches to my height. I totally dig the idea of being on eye level with friends instead of staring at their armpits when we're chatting.

Outfit: Uniqlo t-shirt dress (similar here), Zara leopard print belt (similar here), The Kooples trainers (similar here or here), Etoile Isabel Marant utility jacket (similar here or here)

Lastly, let's throw on my current favorite outerwear - Etoile Isabel Marant utility jacket. It's been hot/cold/wet/warm/freezing. It's as if the weather is suffering from a bad case of PMS and need a strong dose of evening primrose oil. Roll up the sleeves and push them back to get a more fitted look. Et voilà. The final result.

Below are 5 other ways of jazzing up the t-shirt dress to suit different styles and occasions. Doing this exercise has proved to me just how versatile a simple t-shirt dress can be. I can easily think up another 5 different ways of wearing it but I decided to stick to what's only available in my wardrobe.


Outfit: Uniqlo t-shirt dress (similar here), Hermes Tohu Bohu scarf, Zadig & Voltaire cardigan and Repetto ballet flats.


Outfit: Uniqlo t-shirt dress (similar here), Zara leopard print belt (similar here), suede ankle boots (similar here) , Topshop Moto vintage denim jacket


Outfit: Uniqlo t-shirt dress (similar here), Just In Case leather belt (similar here), Jigsaw straw trilby (similar here and here) and K Jacques Picon sandals (similar here and here)


Outfit: Uniqlo t-shirt dress (similar here), Icebreaker thermal top (not visible), Louis Vuitton leopard shawl, Ted Baker leather jacket (similar here) and Stuart Weitzman Over the knee boots (similar here)




  1. wow dear you just made this simple black t-shirt dress into amazing beautiful look!!! they're just lovely sets!!!!
    you should really teach me how to make these sets and take pictures.. you are so good with it!!!!
    I love all those sets specially the feminine, indie and beach look.. we're just going to Tuscany resort next week and this is great idea for me :)
    take care dear. wish you a lovely week!
    xoxo, Haus of Gala

  2. These are great looks! Esp love the one with the tall boots.

  3. I love this post - I am doing a similar one next with a black skirt of mine I have!! I adore all the looks though but especially Autumns - I actually loveeee tshirt dresses if only for the fact you can dress them up or down so this is amazing style inspiration for me :)

    Anna xo

  4. Such a fantastic post!! Now I want to run out and get myself a black tee shirt dress. I would happily wear all of these combinations - not something I can say about most of the other fashion blogs I follow!

  5. To echo Alice above - lovely combinations and the best thing of all - very wearable which is so important. I was going to do a similar post with my black midi dress as that is coming into its own this year. Sometimes it's the simplest garments that work the best.

  6. love this! i always use a belt thick or thin to make the hourglass figure- does wonders for the outfit!!!

  7. Hey, beautiful combinations, good work ! I guess it could work too with a LBD !
    Thanks and see you soon!

  8. Hello Marlene! What creative ways to style the little black dress! I have a black eyelet dress from apc that is perfect for summer as well. You have given me some good ideas!
    Ps.. Still obsessing over the army green jacket..lol!

  9. Great styling options Marlene. I just bought two T-shirt dresses last week so you've given me some great ideas. I must say, your excellent taste in jackets really completes your outfits. Must get a leopard belt, too!

  10. All great and such different looks, really clever. I really need (well, want) those hidden wedgie shoes, now I'm older I can't wear ballet flats at all, sniff

  11. The old days before i entered tbe blogsphere, i would certainly wear this dress exactly as shown on the first pic by itself and call it a day. Thanks to creative bloggers out there who send great inspirations down my blank side of the fashionable brain, i am a little more creative now. I admire how you put the pieces together and create something totally chic with minimal efforts.

    Glad to hear you tried the Quinoa recipe and liked it. It has become my weekly side dish now, so easy to prepare and healthy. It incredibly compliments seafood dishes like salmon too. I couldn't even believe my husband who is far from being healthy likes it.

  12. I love T-shirt dresses, but I am having the hardest time finding one that looks good on me. Sad face.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  13. Marlene, I know I've said this before, but I just love the way you style outfits and you always mix/match pieces in a way that just works. This is so incredibly creative and inspirational. Awesome that you've found some really cool options to wear your t-shirt dress. :)


  14. Great post! Love how styled all those different looks, turning a boring t-shirt dress in an essential item! :)

  15. There is nothing I love wearing more in the summer than a t-shirt dress! They are so easy and versatile. Love your styling, and you just gave me some great inspiration.

    <3 Jenny

  16. I can't get enough of that IM utility jacket.. drooling as I type!! You put together some great pairing.. amazing how I simple tee dress can be so fabulous! Thanks!


  17. wow, this is pretty cool actually! thanks for the inspiration :)


  18. Who says a T-shirt dress has to be boring. Love that you came up with all these looks to show how versatile one piece can be.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  19. ahhh i adore your "autumn" outfit the leather jacket and the leopard scarf make it tres chic!!

  20. Black dresses are a bit of a staple in my wardrobe. Great to see so many options to dress them up! Penny x

  21. Oooh I love these looks!! Super stylish and easy to wear. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  22. Love these looks! I need all the help I can get when it comes to putting things together, and your pairings are fantastic.

  23. What a great post! I love the beach look!
    - Aliya :)

  24. I LOVE the second look with the utility jacket :)



  25. Great looks! The feminine one is oh so pretty!

  26. Just brilliant! Who would have thought such a simple dress could look so fabulous! I love the beach look.

    xx Mandi

  27. Loving all the ways you styled this dress!! Indie is definitely my favorite. Following you now :)


  28. OMG I love the 6 ideas! How cute!! I have a dress just like this as well that I purchased from Gap several years ago! Now I have some great ideas on how to spruce it up this summer!


  29. I LOVE this post! The black t-shirt dress is such a versatile item i must get my hands on one.

    Thanks for sharing the story about Albie. So sorry she has passed - i'm sure she was much loved.

  30. Great post. Thanks for the ideas I'm going to try some out!

  31. Great post and ideas! A jersey dress is pretty much the perfect essential for me and I can't resist them - have so many now but they do get worn a lot throughout the year.

  32. middle aged women in a Greek village - hilarious!
    I'm still sick with envy over your IM jacket :(
    I love love love these posts and I'm so inspired by you by how mix and match all your clothes. I wish I was better at that. You're so much cooler than I will ever be!
    Have you written posts on how you organise your wardrobe and if so can you post a link for me? Thaks ;)

  33. T-shirt dresses are so versatile. Love that you created so many different nice outfits with it.

    The Vitalumiere Aqua foundation definitely gives a very natural second skin finish but it doesn't control oil very well though. It looks amazing nonetheless!!


  34. Love each outfit you created! Thanks so much for posting them all. Going to try them out!

  35. Wow, this is such a fantastic list of ideas! I sometimes fall into a rut of how I wear my clothes and this is inspiring for mixing it up and thinking differently. So pleased you left a message on my blog so that I could come say hello back. And I adore your description of being a global citizen. I remember Angelina Jolie saying something similar years ago and it really stuck with me as a wonderful attitude that I've adopted too.

  36. the beach look is fab! and totally crushing on your marant jacket, i think i mentioned it before ;) i don't think i will ever tire from seeing it! glad you rescued this dress ;)

  37. I don't have a black tshirt dress but now I'm thinking I ought to get one!

  38. love all the ways you styled the tshirt dress! im still drooling over your isabel marant utility jacket!!!

  39. Oh my God…This is so so cool. Your blog totally rocks!!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  40. That is so neat! I was just writing another blogger about jean jackets. I need to invest in a denim and white one. LOVE the looks you put together. It's given me some ideas.

  41. This post is genius, I LOVE all the different ways you styled the t shirt dress. My favorite has got to be the spring outfit, the shoes are so cool .

  42. M! I love your 'how to wear' posts! You are so good! Now, I'm pretty sure I need a black t-shirt dress!

    xo, sam

  43. Can you keep your Kooples trainers in check? She's furiously blinking at me. Not a good news to my pocket, you know? ;p

  44. I just laughed out loud at the middle aged woman in a Greek village. I've spent so much time traveling to different Greek islands and having those woman try to feed me because they're always convinced that I haven't had a proper meal- so funny.

    I love each of these outfits. You've styled them so well. It seems like the T-shirt dress is a great foundation piece and a keeper.

  45. I love how much life you breathed into one dress! All of a sudden it looks like I should add this to my list of must-haves due to its fabulous fashion versatility!

  46. Love all these outfits with the basic black number. very chic and cute! I think my fave is the leopard scarf and tan leather jacket! xo



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