Monday 28 May 2012
tomato tart2
Tomato tart

When I was living in New Zealand I used to take sunny days for granted. I mean, ozone hole and all. Who wants to get wrinkles or skin cancer? I'd walk out slathered in inch thick sunscreen. SPF 100, of course. Yeah, yeah. Friends looked at me in disbelief when I proudly took the tube out. I declared fervently that Lisa Airan, the stunning dermatologist from New York who has graced the pages of Vogue on numerous occasions once mentioned in an interview that the best preventative anti-ageing measures are genes and sunscreen. Can't do much about the first but will do my darnest about the second.

onion tart
Caramelized onion tart

I'd be the one scouring for a well shaded table when dining al fresco. And then I arrived in the U.K where sunshine is a rare and precious commodity. These days, I behave like any normal English person. The minute the sun takes a peek through the clouds, I dash out like a prisoner who has been released from solitary confinement. I immediately swap my jeans for shorts or a mini shift dress for maximum vitamin D exposure.

insalata caprese
Insalata Caprese, melon, baguette and crumbed fish

When the temperature hit a balmy mid 20s in the weekend, we dined al fresco in Tiphaine's garden and feasted on tarts, a very French summer fare along with Insalata Caprese, sweet honeydew melons and crumbed fish nuggets, washed down with bottles of wine and freshly made lemonade. We laughed, caught up and made new friends.

alfresco - kid Ce
alfresco - kidL
alfresco - kid C

The hot weather was the perfect excuse for the kids to devour popsicles after popsicles leaving sticky residue on their faces. It was well after 9 pm when we trudged home, a mere 5 minute walk. That's the beauty of living in  a small town. You're only a few minutes walk away from anywhere. How did you spend your weekend?


  1. Yep, my cheeks are bright red!
    This looks so civilised, I seem to have given up in the kitchen.

  2. I LOVE your writing style - this post made me smile and laugh and relate on almost every level. I TRY to be good at skin care, and I am 80% of the time. But sometimes in Summer (I live in Australia), I lay a littleeeeee too long in the sun on our beaches. Love these pics though, the food looks incredibly delish.

    Anna xo

  3. That meal looks scrumptious. Once upon a time, my hubs and I used to have lovely meals like that (he's the cook - I'm the commis washer upper). He would be so impressed with the above - he even takes photos on his iphone of the lunches he's made! The kids look really happy and that's what it's about it isn't it? Have to confess though I don't slap on the sunscreen, I do try to stay out of the sun as I swear I turn mucky brown - not golden. I do have a friend who worships the sun and practically sits there with a tin tray infront of her trying to reflect as much sun on her as possible. Polar opposites.

  4. Gorgeous photos! I actually made a tomato tart for brunch the other day and it turned out great! I am enjoying the sun but aware of the damage it can do to the skin, so trying to lash on as much sunscreen as I can!! Have a lovely week:)

  5. Awwww!!! Little L!!!! And the food! How yummy!!! :) I spent the weekend getting a sunburn here with my mum, sis and William on the Bosphorus :)) I've become a sun-searcher too, while mum and sis are trying in vain to sit in the shade :))

  6. All of the food looks so good and inspiringly healthy! Our weekend's been pretty low-key so far...
    - Aliya :)

  7. Beautiful photos, everything looks so fresh and tasty. My favorite must be tomatoes with mozzarella cheese...ummm heaven! I am fortunate to be residing in a very sunny state where cloudy days are rare. We get plenty or most of the time too much of strong UV rays of all sorts - wrinkles, dark spots and you name it. Would love to have an outdoor dining but it gets too hot and sweaty.

  8. oh my god !! it's so good

  9. summer is just around the corner and i'm sure all of us is preparing for it physically :)
    i already started eating summer foods, pies and tart :)

    lovely pictures btw! adorable kids :)

    xoxo, Haus of Gala

  10. Love the pictures of your kids! And that food looks so delicious! :)
    Well, since the weather here in Holland is comparable to the UK, so I know what you're talking about. :)

  11. Sounds like a purrrfect day! That caprese just made my mouth watery even if just last week I was stuffing 250 grams of mozza di buffala all to myself! Here in Dubai we can say big CIAO! to dinning outdoor.. unless the sweaty look is in LOL!

  12. it is indeed :)
    wow the food looks delicious! tomato mozzarella is one of my favorite summer dishes!

    xx claude

  13. Gorgeous food and even more gorgeous kids! We must have swapped weather with England...its been frosty cold and dismal here

  14. This food looks insanely delicious! Yummy! And glad that you got to enjoy some nice weather! "I dash out like a prisoner who has been released from solitary confinement" - I love that! Totally made me smile. :) The pics of the kids are too cute! :) Thanks for sharing sweetie!!!


  15. The food look so crisp and fresh. So appetizing.

    It's funny how the New Zealander's and Australian's dodge too much sun and the rest of the world can't get enough.

    I'm so glad you're finally getting some rays of sunshine. You live in the ultimate spot for access to everything. I hope you had an amazing weekend (from the photo's you clearly did).

    xx Mandi

  16. food looks super yum! i never leave home without sunscreen, ever.. only have SPF50 though ;)

  17. Oh my... It looks like you had a magic weekend! Balmy summer evenings full of good food and shared with friends always make me feel lucky to be alive! We spent the weekend exploring nashville and Memphis, which was a lot of fun... I love to explore so it was a perfect way to spend the long weekend.

  18. I spent Saturday at Abigal Ahern's house and then Sunday in Regents park with a picnic. I sat in the shade under a tree like good girl but stuck my legs out in the sun to try to get rid of the deathly pallour. Glad you've become aclimatised, I always feel the urge to tut at people walking past with third degree sun burn.

  19. I spent it at the beach but I didn't eat this well! Your food pictures always make me hungry. The tomato tart looks mouthwatering.

  20. Aww... the kiddies are adorable. I'm glad you are having some nice sunny weather. Your so right about Dr. Lisa Airan.

  21. These pictures are making me hungry for lunch and it's only 9:30am here :)
    The kids are so cute too!!

  22. This is such a lovely post - fabulous pictures M! Right now, dining alfresco results in me looking like a sweat pile!! The pics of the kids are hilarious! :)

    xo, sam



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