Insider's Guide to Paris by Tiphaine

Tuesday 9 August 2011
Moving to the UK was an exciting but also a daunting experience. It was a relief to find fellow immigrants who also face the same challenges, particularly in the initial settling down phase. Both Sandrine (whom I'd interviewed previously) and Tiphaine, transplants from Paris have kindly included me in their informal French club despite the fact that a) I'm not French  b) my French does not extend beyond bonjour, merci, Chanel and Hermes.

Tiphaine runs a French blog that covers topic from education, gastronomy to hotel reviews. She has kindly gone around Paris to photograph her favorite places for my readers. I can't wait to check out her recommendations when I'm next in Paris.


In your opinion, what are the 5 must sees in Paris and why?
1. My favorite view is coming from Alexandre III Bridge and watching Invalides nigh time when it is lighted.

2. Montmartre and walking around in the small streets is very nice and exclusive as well because you feel outside Paris.

3. Walking from Le Bon Marché (Sevres-Babylone), to saint-Germain-des-Près, through Saint-Sulpice, Rue Bonaparte, and around to Odeon is very nice.

4. Walking through rue des Francs-Bourgeois, to Place des Vosges, sometimes stopping for a café at Place Sainte-Catherine or going further to Marche des Enfants Rouges, near rue Charlot and rue de Bretagne.

Paris-street Rue DES francs bourgeois
Berenice (on rue des francs bourgeois), a favorite amongst the French and very similar to Zadig et Voltaire. 


Paris-Boulangerie pichard (question 3) Mellow Yellow
Mellow Yellow, another French institution.

Paris-Yellow mellow shoes 13 rue des cannettes 75006
I love these ballerina flats from Mellow Yellow

Paris-epetto shopping near rue des francs bourgeois, question 1,answer 4)
Repetto, my favorite!

Paris-Rue DES francs bourgeois, question 1 answer 4
Les Petites, another popular French High St store.

Paris-Annoter Olive oil shop, rue DES francs bourgeois
Olive oil shop, rue des francs bourgeois

Paris- street hier pour demain
hier pour demain

Paris-Flag this message Shops near marche des enfants rouges (question 1, answer 4
A shop selling knick knacks that can be found near marche des enfants rouges

Paris-Flag this message A gain shopping near marche des enfants rouge, question1, answer4

Paris-Cafés Richard Boutique, near Marche des enfants Rouge (question 1,answer4)
Cafés Richard Boutique, near marche des enfants rouge.

Paris-Shopping near Marche des enfants rouge (question1, answer4)
More shops on the way to marche des enfants rouge

5. At Champs de Mars where you can stop and enjoy play area and merry-go-round with children, it’s nice to walk and watch the Tour Eiffel. Around there you can walk to rue Cler, rue Saint-Dominique, or choose to shop in rue du commerce (near La Motte Piquet Grenelle).

Paris-Some attractions at Champs de mars (question1, answer5)

Paris-Merry go round at Champs de mars (question 1, answer 5)

Can you recommend a few eating places and boulangeries popular with locals?

1. Eric Kayser (79 Rue Commerce – 75015)  

2. Pichard ( 88 rue Cambronne – 75015) ; Le moulin de la Vierge (64 rue Saint Dominique 75007)

Paris-Boulangerie pichard (question 3)
Boulangerie Pichard

Le Cap (30 Rue Péclet – 75015 – close to Parc Saint Lambert) 

Paris-Bistrot Le cap - question 3
Bistrot Le Cap

Paris-Flag this message View from Bistrot Le Cap (question1)
View from Bistrot Le Cap

Paris-Park near Le Cap restaurant 750015 (question 1)
Park near Bistrot Le Cap 
Le Bistro d’André (232 rue Saint Charles – 75015 Paris – the street is note very nice at this stage, but very close to Parc Andre Citroen, which is a very modern and nice park, also there a Air Balloon where you a very nice view all over Paris).

L’avant-Comptoir (3, carrefour de l'Odéon – 75006)
Le comptoir du 7ème, 39, Avenue de la Motte Picquet (75007, between Champs de Mars and Invalides)

Kim Anh (Vietnamese restaurant, near parc Andre citroen - 51, Avenue Emile Zola – 75015 - )Le Dauphin, 131 avenue Parmentier 75011 (tube station : Goncourt – tel. : 01 55 28 78 88)

What would you consider as quintessentially French?
Gastronomy, tasty fruits and vegetables, le luxe de bon gout (chic luxury taste)

Paris-Marche des enfants rouge (question 1, answer 4)
Marche des enfants rouge

Paris-cheese epetto shopping near rue des francs bourgeois
Cheese shopping near rue des francs bourgeois

Where do most Parisiennes prefer to shop?
Not sure if all Parisiennes are like me, but I like shopping in areas mentioned above (n°3, 4, 5 in question 1).

Which area (where) would you recommend if I want to rent an apartment for a week? I'd like an authentic French experience and avoid places that only cater to tourists. In addition, I'd like an area that's not too far from the main attractions, restaurants, shops as well as child-friendly.
75006 (expensive, the 15ème close to the 6ème is good as well and not so expensive) 75007 (expensive), 75003, and Republique (75011 at the limit between 75003).

Both of you know that I'm such a handbag girl, which brands do Parisiennes tend to buy? Marc Jacob Prada, Furla, Longchamp, Lancel,

What's your number one simple pleasure that can be found in Paris?
Walking in the street in different areas depends on your mood choose on of the one above (see question 1)

What's one thing you love to splurge on in Paris (food, a special spa treatment, drink, etc..)
A lunch in one the best gastronomic restaurant : Plaza Athenée, Meurice Hotel, Crillon hotel.

Where do you go in Paris to find a bit or serenity or peace and quiet when you need it?
Luxembourg Parc

What does Parisian-Chic mean to you?
Rive-Gauche life style

If given the choice of Hyatt Park Vendome and Plaza Athenee, which would you recommend?
I love Plaza Athenee where I had my best gastronomic souvenir in Alain Ducasse restaurant, Hyatt Park Vendôme is nice and more modern and very well located.

The most romantic spot in Paris for dinner or lunch with equally spectacular view to boost.
Jules Verne in the Eiffel Tower 

All photos courtesy of Tiphaine Beausseron


  1. Great post! Thanks to you and Tiphaine!

  2. Lovely, lovely! I hit many of these spots in June but it's great to add the others to my list for next time.

  3. I'm going to bookmark this page... definitely a great resource in case I get to take my dream vacay to Paris any time soon!

  4. Lauraloo, I don't think I've been to the places Tiphaine mentioned. I know 6 vists and all!

    Mary Lane, I'm glad the tips were helpful.

  5. I loved this post! Makes me want to go back to Paris (especially to Repetto)- Thanks for the post!

  6. Sharon, another Repetto lover! I could easily spend a couple of hours in the store.



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