Saving money on cellphone plans

Wednesday 10 August 2011
I'm posting this in the hopes that no one is as silly as I'd been. To cut a long story short, we've been throwing money down the drain to the tune of at least £200 over a 2 year period. To make myself feel a lot worse, if I'd taken that money even a year ago and bought some Burberry shares, it would've tripled. That equates to a very nice Burberry trench coat.

Hubby bought me an iPhone for my birthday a couple of years ago. We were promptly put on a high usage call plan at £35 a month on a 18 month contract. So basically, we're paying for 600 minutes of calls, unlimited data and texts. Now this went on for 2 years until we wised up and called O2 to check my usage. It turned out that I'm averaging 56 minutes a month and barely 96mb of data. I didn't bother to ask about my text usage as it would've been a ridiculously small amount.

After a number of discussions with O2's representatives, the best option was a new plan at a cost of £16.50 per month which covers 100 minutes of talk time, 500 texts and 500mb of data. That's a saving of nearly £20 per month. So folks, check your usage because you might be paying more than what you're actually using. Right now, we're going to check our utility bills to see what other silly plans we're on. Feel free to discuss any other cost saving exercise as I'd love to hear them all.


  1. The company is paying my Blackberry bill every month. We also have special corporate rates from O2 and T-Mobile on our personal mobile phones. My monthly bills on my iPhone is around 5EUR a month.

  2. I use a blackberry (for work), and I reduced everything to the absolute minimum for a plan after a while. I love smartphones, but really--who talks on the phone anymore? As you say, we don't do this very much!

    Cost-cutting measures (because Burberry trenches are worth it!): no-fuss (not fancy) face care, body lotion, shampoo, etc. That stuff adds up. It's important not to economize our body care just for the sake of economy, but simple things often work just as well. I can easily imagine a $200 savings a month--and in half a year, that's a Burberry trench.

  3. MissA, 5€?! Wow, what a deal! I miss the days when I didn't have to pay for my phone, broadband and cable TV. That's the wonderful benefit of working for a phone company.

    AA, I know! I hardly ever talk on the phone. I don't know about you, it's either the radiation or something emanating from my iPhone but I get a headache each time I talk on it. I agree with you. I now stick to cheaper brands for everyday toiletries. I refuse to pay ££ for toilet paper. After all, it's all flushed down the toilet.



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