My Coveted Stuart Weitzman Jean Wedges

Wednesday 1 February 2012


Ever wondered what man flu feels like? After seeing this virulent disease struck down the men-folk in my family many times, I too succumbed to it over the weekend. Real nasty stuff, this man flu. I mean I was  really really sick.  So ill that I had hubby and Lil L running to and fro like little minions at my beck and call. In fact,I might try to get sick more often just to get the satisfaction of acting like an Empress after all, turn about is fair. One of the symptoms of man flu is the slow shuffling gait with a smidgeon of limps thrown in even though your legs might not be afflicted by the infection. It's also called the voluntary and psychologically controlled muscle spasm. The deathly pale and wide eyed look worked brilliantly too. If your tan is showing, just use the lightest shade of foundation you could find in your bathroom. Sorry, I got carried away..... now let's talk about my new shoes.

The postie arrived today with my long awaited Stuart Weitzman "Jean" Wedges. I was so thrilled that the poor man looked, well....frankly, rather alarmed to get such an exuberant welcome at the door.  I have been coveting this pair of nude wedges for more than a year. I think it's far easier to get a Hermes Birkin than a pair of nude wedges in MY size. I've hunted, emailed and trawled through numerous websites and the only company that stocks these in size 34 or 34.5 will only ship within the US. Enter my US based shopping buddy of 10 years, Lauraloo. My chief enabler. Partners in crime. Our husbands probably wish we didn't know each other.

Thanks to the cork heels, these wedges are light and have a nice cushion. Although I'm still on a waiting list for a pair of Christian Louboutin Simple 70 pumps in nude but these wedges are far more suited to my casual lifestyle and cobbled streets. The toe box is a little tight at the moment but I'm just happy that I can finally walk in a pair of heels without crippling myself. My legs look miles looooong for a change, thanks to the platform and nude color. Now I can't wait for spring so that I can take these babies out for a spin.


  1. Wow they are so beautiful, I need a pair like these :)

    Hope you're feeling better.

  2. Wowza! They are absolutely gorgeous! I wish I had a chief enabler too... Having sized 41 (most times 42) feet is not fun at all :(

  3. Soooo beautiful !! Love these wedges !!

  4. Yes indeed! A spin! I would like to see proper license / identification please! HAHAHAHA I love these M! I am so in love with nude shoes. They go with every outfit imaginable :) Love the cork wedge too! I am so sorry you haven't been feeling good. I felt something (had a feeling something wasn't right). Maybe I'm turning psychic :D LOL I hope you feel better soon. Well kinda, if you do kinda fake the illness for another week so they can serve you breakfast and do some more household chores. LOL That's too funny! Take care and enjoy your shoes my friend.

  5. I haven't had a cold or flu for about 5 years - touch wood, Oh you poor thing, I hate feeling lousy.

    Nude wedges are the one thing I must buy this spring.

  6. haha you are so adorable! i hope you are feeling better hon!! although i'm sure those GORGEOUS wedges had something to do with it hahah!

    they are GORGEOUS! i've been looking for nude wedges too and yours are so pretty! LOVE LOVE LOVE! i'm not really a fan of espadrille sandels i much prefer the cork version like yours.. but for whatever reason whenever i'm hunting for wedges they're always espadrilles! OMGOSH drives me crazy!

    anyways as for Budapest to be totally honest.. I didn't have that great of an experience in Budapest.. i actually got SEVERLY conned in the taxi cab (i think because the economy is so bad.. people aren't really honest there.. they just came out of communism not to long ago.. and unfortunately i heard on the news recently.. that it seems they might be heading towards a dictatorship.. it's really sad :( and then I also broke out into this crazy full body rash there.. and the food wasn't very good.. it was strange.. it was almost like chinese food.. but weird. ahaha.. but the architecture is TRULY amazing.. and def worth a trip.. i mean hello most of the architecture from the ottoman empire times are still intact it's pretty phenomenal honestly!

  7. Hope you're feeling better. Love the new wedges!

  8. Your feet are so tiny! Congrats on getting your new wedges. They are so cute and look very comfortable!

    Follow me & my bags, shoes, and all things dainty at:

    or on BLOGLOVIN' at pjlatte's bag book

  9. Yay! They are beautiful! I resisted opening the box when they came to my neck of the woods! I have a similar pair in bronze and they are so worn, I need to take them to the cobbler for a spruce-up. Enjoy!

  10. YAY!! Congratulations on getting your nude wedges!! I'm sure you look at least 5" taller bc of the wedge and color!

    Hope you are recovering from the man-flu. Sounds awful, except for the Empress thing! LOL! Even being ill, you have such a great sense of humor! :)

  11. Yay Marlene and go Laura!!!
    S in NY

  12. Gorgeous choice , what can beat getting the parcel and finding that the coveted piece is totally perfect ?
    My parcel arrived 2 weeks ago : after reading your blog I ordered [ on Amazon] the Kork Ease Ava nude wedges . Also fantastic and so comfortable , they're sitting waiting for Summer . The wedges are covered with a fairly innocuous suedey stuff; pity it's not cork .

    Nevertheless, I love them ....,thankyou!

    1. Estrella, you're welcome! The Kork-Ease was on top of my list as well. Sadly, their smallest size is still too big on me. I'm so pleased that you like them.

  13. So pretty! The nude elongates legs :) Is it easy to get SW in the UK? I have some friends who always ask me to bring a pair or two cause it's cheaper here..

  14. Cute shoes!


  15. Very nice. I love patent nudes, they are gorgeous. You're making me wish Spring time was here too ;)

    I listed out my make-up tools in yesterday's post if you wanted to check it out!

  16. You finally got some nude shoes! Congratulations. I know how hard you've been searching. I love them and I think you're right when it comes to them being more practical. With all the cobbled streets over there, the sturdy base will come in handy!

    Thank goodness for Lauraloo! Everyone needs a shopping buddy (enabler) in various countries :)

    xx Mandi

  17. Gorgeous! SW can really surprise you sometimes. Love nude shoes and peep toes. Hope you are feeling better!

  18. I hope you're feeling better! It's great that you got to experience a little bit of life as the Empress though ;). Gorgeous wedges!



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