New Year resolution

Tuesday 31 January 2012
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I know we're zooming right into the end of January but it's never too late to list out my New Year resolution. Or should I say, my sartorial resolution.

1. I'm not a zebra.
Enough stripes already. I stopped counting after 10 so I won't scare myself silly. Those were just tops. I haven't even started on the sweaters.

2. No more flats.
I mean it. 1 pair of feet = 8 pairs of flats. The ones in the deep ravine of my wardrobe do not count. Oh okay, perhaps just a pair of leopard print ones. After all, I don't have any yet. I'm done with being a zebra. I'm into leopards these days. ROOOAR. I swear, that'll be my last pair. Cross my heart.

3. Overcome logo phobia.
I used to think those Fs sprayed all over Fendi bags stood for f***. I was deeply offended when hubby surprised me with one so I offload it on eBay. It has been 11 years and hubby is still insulted. Ooops. I guess the letters L and V seem pretty tame after those Fs.

4. Time to lose those love handles.
Those Yummie Tummie vests that kind of snap the extra layer of lard in place also managed to squeeze the life out of my intestines. I think I understand how Marie Antoinette must've felt in her whalebone corset.

5. Just because my Kelly 28 slouches
There's no excuse I should do the same. Posture, posture, posture. My physiotherapists, acupuncturist and beautician kept harping on about it. Stand up straight, suck that gut in, look up and s m i l e. A grimace is not a smile. Apparently, those High School boys I used to teach still have nightmares about me. Nearly 20 years later.


  1. I actually don't own any tops with stripes so my resolution would be to purchase one or two for Spring. Oh and I also hate over the top logo bags, understated all the way (I do like a bit of LV accessories though) :)

  2. i love stripes!!! i am starting to get a little addicted, so easy to do so right?? ah i have bad posture too. i think i stopped slouching as much since i finished school. no more crazy heavy book bags to take everywhere!

  3. Great resolutions !! Kinda funny and I like it !!

  4. I love striped tops though...I think I can have an almost unlimited amount :) Looking forward to seeing what you add in your wardrobe this year.

  5. LOL, I love these! I could really work on my posture myself.


  6. But stripey tops and flats are so cool ,you can't change allegiance to spots and heels ! Just the look of the words on the page tell you which one is Ines and which Pamela Anderson ...

    Wish these companies would stop the whole logo thing , but on the other hand why do I want an Hermes Clic clac bracelet ?

  7. Oh I really need to see someone about my posture, I can't decide between the Alexander Method or an osteopath or physio. I have developed really shoulders from using laptops, when I try to stand up straight and push my chest out everything cracks and it really hurts so I just slump forward again - not good.

  8. i love stripes.. i just can't stop buying them hahahaha but yes, if its too much how we can wear????
    i already stop using and buying flats the day i got married with my 6 foot tall husband.. he said i just look high school girl wearing flats and he looks giant hehehe....
    take care, xoxo, Haus of Gala

  9. That story about the Fendi bag is hilarious! I'm also liking the LV bandouliere. The good thing about the monogram canvas is that it's waterproof and actually quite durable.

  10. I did have a "phase" where a good part of my wardrobe was covered in stripes. Not anymore though!

    But I do need to work on #4 and #5 as well!

    Promising myself to FINALLY (!) hit the gym tomorrow ... :p

  11. You can't make your new year resolutions until late January, everyone knows that in the holiday season they bear no resemblance to real life...oh you did the one about the gym too....My friend is working on a contraption for posture, I don't think I can say what it is yet, but I have been trialling it and it is AMAZING. Watch my blog as soon as I can blab I will (of course!!) Indeed posture is everything, forget the labels and rolexes, great posture will make a thrift shop find look a million dollars.

  12. Stripes and flats - guilty! I think I'm done with stripes but could use a couple more flats!! hehehe
    Loved this post! And I will never look at a Fendi bag the same way again!!

  13. I have to stop buying stripes as well. I've been told by my friends that I wear them like a uniform. I used to slouch terribly until I started doing yoga. It does wonders for posture.

  14. I love the story about the Fendi bag :-D :-D
    - and I want a pair of leopard flats as well...

  15. LOL M! I'm glad you're evaluating your wardrobe. Sometimes we buy too much of the same and don't try anything else. I love those ballet flats. I want a pair! HaHa I love my LV speedy. I don't like many prints, but it's a classic bag. I received a couple of striped tees for Christmas. I barely had any. I love the smaller stripes. They're so parisian chic. I need to find a striped tee with the little sequins on it. Your tastes and style is always evolving. I find that as I get older.

  16. I need to add your #5 to my list too!

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  17. love the hermes kelly one, its one bag i want badly. i enjoy reading your latest posts, especially the ones about affordable shampoo's and skin products. they were very useful. keep going.

  18. I could do with more stripes! I'm loving leopard print too, you should definitely get some flats! I'm not a fan of logos either!

    1. stylefrost, you can't imagine how many pairs of flats I've got but a girl can't have too many, eh?

  19. oh, but to give up stripes!!! i absolutely adore stripes. especially navy blue stripes..matter of fact, 80% of my stripey wardrobe are of the navy blue and white variety....hmm...i think i'm starting to see a potential issue here. crap!

  20. I love stripes, flats ^^ I think I could never give up on those!! I mean how many is too many? haha



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