Wearing Sweatpants

Wednesday 8 February 2012
Outfit: MNG leather jacket, Zadig & Voltaire sweater, Alexander Wang sweatpants and ankle boots

Since a number of you have requested for pairing shots of the sweatpants, here it is. A number of my friends were rather effusive with their compliments about my sweatpants outfit last week so I decided that it's safe to share them here. After much trial and error in front of the mirror, I've come to the conclusion (for me anyway) that the baggier your sweats (or trackpants) are, the more fitted your tops should be or else you'll end up looking like you've gained 10 pounds. So no tunics or oversized tops unless you're very slim (in that case, I'm extremely jealous). Mine are slightly higher rise so to keep the balance,  I choose to pair them with cropped tops for the same reason as above.

I'm a fan of accessories. To elevate the look to the next level, throw on a shawl, hat, sunnies and a badass bracelet.

Accessories: Louis Vuitton leopard stole, Christy hat, Chanel sunglasses and Hermes Kelly Dog bracelet

So far I haven't had any success wearing these with a pair of sneakers. They make me look like I've just stepped out of the gym. The thing is they're so comfortable that one shouldn't get sucked into the trap of thinking of dressing them down. Jazzing them up with ankle boots, preferably ones with wider shaft, wedges, booties or heels work wonders.


  1. omgosh LOVE LOVE this outfit.. your army green leather jacket is AMAZING!!

    omgosh i loveeed prague.. i would probably say paris, london and prague rank as my two 3 favorite european cities.. prague def doesn't have the food and shopping i think paris does.. or the energy of london.. but most of the buildings from the ottoman time are still intact.. and are AMAZING.. it's got a very hauntingly romantic feel to the city!

  2. Great combinations as usual, Marlene!!
    S in NY

    Ps - hi Laura!

  3. this is interesting.. love the combination and the ankle boots with sweatpants looks good :)
    take care. xoxo, Haus of Gala

  4. Hi S in NY! xoxo

    Okay, I need to give this a go. I think JCrew makes some?

  5. M, the outfit is already great and when you added that hat and scarf it just blew it to another galaxy girl! HAHAHA Looks OUTSTANDING! I love that olive green leather jacket.

  6. M!! LOVE this outfit! Thanks for sharing it with us!! Definitely chic!! And adding those accessories really takes it to another level!! {And really like the leather trim on the pants!}

    xo, sam

  7. That is a very stylish and chic sweatpants combo i have seen. I would love to give it a shot with a pair of chic sandals during spring and summer. I think they will look great too.

  8. I LOVE that leather jacket! I think it caught my breath a little bit when your blog popped up on my google reader. :)
    I love how effortless yet totally chic your outfits are!

    After being in Europe, I really want to invest in a nice leather jacket.. leather jackets, fabulous scarves, and crossbody bags seemed to be the basic street style, in Germany at least :)

    1. You're absolutely right. Leather jacket, boots, scarves and messenger style bags are pretty much what people tend to wear. Thank you for the lovely compliment! The MNG (mango) leather jacket was a impulse buy from a sale rack nearly 8 years ago. I'm amazed it has improved with age.

  9. Love! Love! Love! Now I want to find some cool sweatpants :)

  10. I love this! At my college, people wear actual track suits and I hate the looks, but sometimes when you have that extra long day, you just want to wear super comfy stuff plus look pulled together.
    I think the shawl is probably the best (just because I LOVE this one so much!) And then those shoes!
    I will wear something like this out, soon! Wonderful inspiration.

  11. I love both outfits! Those ankle boots are to die for, shame they were not in the Outnet sale lol!

  12. Love this! That leopard scarf and Kelly Dog are stunning additions!

  13. You've been knocking out some incredible inspiration lately. I've been thinking of adding some leather detailing to a pair of sweatpants but I'm not sure if it'll turn out polished enough. Anyway, I love this outfit and am sure to be copying it soon!



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