A glimpse of Christmas in a little English town

Wednesday 14 December 2011
Forgive me if I sound like a little kid on sugar high. Celebrating Christmas in winter is still a fairly new thing for me. I'm going all out this year with the wreath, Christmas stocking, roast turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffings, mulled wine, mince pie etc. It's usually too darn hot to think about roast anything and no one I know drinks mulled wine back in New Zealand.

The town centre is packed and heaving in the weekends with many out of town visitors converging there for Christmas shopping. The weekend and Christmas markets are in full force. The ATM machines ran out of cash. Yup. I'm not kidding. The buskers are taking advantage of festivities hoping to earn big bucks from the crowds. We went out for a walk to check out the beautiful wreaths hanging on the doors and Christmas decorations. There's a long queue by the ice skating rink.

It always amazes me that despite the hustle and bustle, one only needs to walk down a lane parallel to the main street and suddenly, it's so quiet one can hear a pin drop. That's the advantage of living in town. One is close to all the amenities yet you get the serenity of a suburb. 








  1. wow so festive!!! i wish it were more festive where i lived. ppl decorate their homes less & less each year =[

  2. So lovely! I especially love the beautiful doors and front porches in your neighborhood!

  3. You are so lucky to live in such a place! It looks very happy, especially in the season!

    So . . . you said you've booked your tickets to Paris. If it's before Jan 16, I would love to get together for a coffee and some window shopping!

  4. Gorgeous pics, and those shots are making me miss Xmas in Europe!

  5. I love those wreaths! You don't see anything like that around here. They are beautiful and very unique. I love when they play those steel drums. Thanks for sharing this girl! :D

  6. love your pictures! such a lovely festive vibe. much as i love sydney summers there's nothing quite like a white christmas ;)



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