4 Basic Winter Necessities

Tuesday 13 December 2011
It's cold, wet and gloomy outside every single day. Just in case I'm making you feel rather depressed with my rather lackadaisical comment, sorry. Looking chic is the farthest thing on my mind at the moment. All I can think about is staying warm and dry. Lately, my daily outfits are looking like a uniform because I'm wearing the same 4 articles every single day. Here are my 4 basic ingredients to staying dry.

1. A hat with wide brim
Here's the thing about hats. With the right one on your head, you'll look chic. It will also add a certain pizazz to your ensemble. Umbrellas are pretty useless here because a strong gust of wind would break it in an instant. They keep my glasses dry and stop me from catching a head cold. Most importantly, there's no need to lug or hold an umbrella, an activity which I detest.

Christy's Chepstow hat

2. Shawl
I can't live without a shawl. The weather in the UK is so unpredictable. It can be hot one minute and freezing the next. I always get it wrong anyway so now I just carry a shawl in my bag. My meagre collection of Hermes shawls have kept me warm for the last 3.5 years.

Hermes Kelly en Caleche Cashmere shawl

3. Long coat
Hubby bought me an indestructible Gloverall duffle coat. I believe it was a limited edition and sold in small quantities at selected retailers. It was originally designed for the navy. Mine's a deadweight but it's wind and water resistant. I prefer winter coats to be just above my knee to keep me cosy and dry.


4. Over the Knee Boots
I'm sick of being splashed by idiotic drivers who screech down narrow lanes as if they're competing for the Grand Prix. I pair them with skinnies and long winter coats so that I'm virtually waterproof.

Stuart Weitzman Over the Knee boots


  1. i love a good winter coat!!! & agreed, paired w OTK boots, i feel nothing can get to me hahaha

  2. I've been lusting after a Kelly bag for years! I've decided that I want to get it in Olive Green, 32 CM in Chamonix leather. I couldn't imagine getting a teeny tiny scratch on the box calf leather...that would be traumatizing. As for these pieces, I love the Hermes scarf as well as the over the knee boots :)

  3. Again you are driving me nuts with the shawls! What are some of the key Hermes patterns to invest in you think?

  4. Wonderful selection! I, too, have been finding the wide-brim hat particularly useful while battling rain in Paris. Umbrellas go upside down, so the hat keeps my face much drier. I'm mighty tempted to find another in the shops here!

  5. I wish I could find over the knee boots that are really sleek, Hermes boots are the only ones that fit me at the calf area and of course, they aren't allowed out in bad weather! All others seem to bag on me like wellies, even though I have athletic calves.

  6. ShinyPrettyThings, I feel exactly the same way :)

    Bessie, I believe the luxuries in life should be used but not abused and passed from one generation to the next.

    Kat, I've made my fair share of mistakes. I went for amazing designs but soon realized that they just don't look all that great draped or the colors when folded didn't look right. I'd recommend starting with simple but wearable designs like Tohu Bohu or Ex Libris. Some people look amazing with a busy design but I'm not one of them. Choose sometime that suits your skin tone. Don't be afraid to go for bright colors as long as they pair well with the rest of your wardrobe.

    Aesthetic Alterations, the weather in Paris is no different to here. When I first arrived, I wondered why many weren't carrying umbrella. Instead they were scurrying around in their parkas, raincoats and hats.

    Tabitha, I've worn my Hermes boots in the snow, rain and every type of weather in between. I pay a small fortune to have them resoled every year. I have the same problem as you. I have tiny ankles and fairly athletic calves. Have you thought of Stuart Weitzman 50/50 boots? They're very comfortable and super sleek. You can see more photos of them on

  7. Great winter basics, cozy and chic in the same time. Love them all. :)

  8. that shawl wouldn't keep me warm enough, i'm absolutely paranoid so i always have this thick wooly scarf around my neck!

  9. Great pieces , of course I particularly adore the Hermes shawl - Kelly en Caleche is a great design

    Much as I hate our cold wet Winters, I love the kit ! Boots and scarves , gorgeous.

  10. I love that the classic pieces that we truly USE are also incredibly stylish and chic! Winter is not so bad with your beautiful accessories!

  11. q9y8 and amy, thank you!

    Shu Han, I think it depends on the fabric and weave. These shawls are a great form of insulation.

    Estrella, thank you! Kelly en Caleche grew on me. The design isn't as exciting as some of the others that I'd seen but it folds beautifully.

    Lauraloo, so sweet of you to say so! I'm happy as long as my clothes and accessories not only look good, they're practical.

  12. You are COVERED! HAHA No pun intended. LOL M, those boots are simply fantastic!!! They look good and they look COMFY! I hate lugging umbrellas around too. Your outfit is functional and stylish! :D

  13. I've never even tried on a pair of OTK boots. They look so good on other people, but I have short legs and have always just assumed that they would make me look even shorter. Maybe I'll finally take the plunge!

  14. The Blonde, I'm actually very short standing no more than 5'2 but the black OTK boots give the illusion of longer legs. Hope you find a pair that suits you.



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