Gift Wrapping

Friday 2 December 2011
My dad is good with his hands. He can fix just about anything. He sews beautifully. The plants in his garden flourish and grow in abundance. When we were younger, he made all our bedroom furniture including a slide and see-saw which we played for years.

You'd think he'd be kind enough to pass that gene to me. I can't sew. I once tried to repair a button on my jacket but soon realized I couldn't lift it up as it was attached to my jeans. Yup, I somehow managed to sew the jacket to my jeans. I'm a serial plant murderer. I've killed numerous pots of herbs. I even managed an impossible feat of killing an orchid and cactus plant. The one and only Ikea chest of drawers I'd put together and proudly boasted to every friend that walked into my place is falling apart piece by piece.

I remembered dropping off a Christmas present to my goddaughter years ago and my usually very tactful best friend looked horrified at the appalling state of the wrapping. I'm renowned amongst friends for my *ahem* unique gift wrapping ability. Yesterday, I came across this amazing set of gift wrapping set at Marks and Spencers for a mere £6. The set contains 3 rolls of thick wrapping paper with gridded lines on the back so you don't have to get out a ruler to out a straight line. Instead of sellotape, they have cute snowflake stickers as well as thick ribbons and cards. They've thought of everything.


gift wreath


  1. I am buying that baby! I also saw a tartan wreath of theirs in a mag that I want closer look at, I'll be there at 9.30am on Monday, I think that's th least time I'll brave the shops till January.

  2. That's brilliant! I only buy wrapping paper with the guide lines... Looks like we share another similarity!

  3. I am strangely suspicious of those that can wrap - largely brought about by my complete crafting inability - i cant even write a card neatly - and you know what nor can my dad! xx

  4. HAHAHA Girl! Thick wrapping paper is SOOOO much easier to use than the flimsy stuff. I have punched holes through the latter. I've gotten better over the years, depending on how much egg nog I've consumed. LOL I love this! That wrapping paper and ribbon is divine. Happy Wrapping!!! :D
    Have a great weekend Marlene! ((HUG))

  5. I've always thought that gift wrappping is an art
    have a nice and stylish weekend darling
    The Dolls Factory

  6. I'm in the same situation. I'm really not good with my hands. Gift wrapping is also one of my Achilles' Heel. *sigh*

    Over the years, I have convinced myself, it is the thought or rather the content (of the gift) that matters to the recipient though. *grin*

    Nevertheless,I should check out if my local M&S carry this... ;p

  7. I'm definitely buying the lovely M&S wrapping set!! Hope it's available in HK... Thanks M xx

  8. i'm also not good with wrapping.. i usually buy boxes or gift made bags... gosh can't wait for christmas!! take care dear!!! xoxo, Haus of Gala

  9. you are so adorable!! i'm actually quite good at wrapping presents.. however i am quite lazy and end up putting everything in gift bags AHAHA! you would think i would use the ONE single talent that i have haha.. i think your wrapped presents are adorable though! very charming :)

  10. My dad is just like yours and I'm just like you :)

  11. Oh I wish I did have an hour glass figure, that would be perfection, I try to fake it by dressing well, I'm actually apple shaped - albeit a slim apple just now but I'm two sizes bigger on top and around the middle, I have no waist, skinny stick legs and no butt!

  12. I can't wrap gifts for nuts. Well if you give me one parcel and the whole day, maybe...

  13. LOL @serial plant killer!! That's me too!

    If those are pictures of your wrapped gifts, you did good!! I love wrapping presents, but not because I'm an excellent wrapper. I like thinking about the the person receiving them being excited! :) One of my friends is amazing at wrapping gifts. She's a pharmacist but said that she would be a gift wrapper is she had another career!

    Your friends sound so funny! They seem to love you for who you are.

  14. Tabitha, I hope you managed to nab a set. These are truly fab. I saw a similar one at Next but the quality was pfffftt.

    Lauraloo, LOL. I always think that if we ever go shopping together, we'll end up buying the same thing!

    Fashion and Frank, I'm glad I'm not the only one. I have a tendency to write on a downward slope.....

    Kim, hahaha....that's hilarious. I guess I should get myself semi-drunk before I tackle this gift wrapping exercise.

    TheDollsFactory, you're absolutely right. I've seen those who wrap a gift the way one does origami.

    chicology, I'm feeling much better after reading your comment. I'm just plain awful at any craft.

    Cecelia, hopefully it is. You buy the nicest presents from the sounds of it.

    Prettymeggy, LOLOLOL. You know what? I might just do the same next year. Just buy boxes and bags.

    Lisa, so sweet of you to say so. Well, we can exchange our talents though yours come in real handy now.

    skippysays, why didn't our dads pass the useful gene to us?

    shu han, I wonder if there's a book out there - giftwrapping 101? I just want to be able to wrap presents up neatly.

    Sam, I think they're resigned to receive badly wrapped presents.



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