Getting into the Christmas spirit

Wednesday 30 November 2011
I've always celebrated Christmas in the summer where Kiwis tend to take it reeeeeal easy with the festivities unless you count the frantic shopping at the malls. Most of the time you'll have to remind yourself it's almost Christmas by checking the calendar because the decorations are pffffft and carols are non existent. You just get the regular pop songs over the speakers and radio. So imagine my delight when I see Christmas is celebrated with such gusto here that one can't help but get drawn into it.

I'm ashamed to say that I took the easy way out by getting an artificial tree. I mean, you just scrunch the branches back into a pole like thing and store away till the next year. I've never had a wreath nor Christmas stocking. How sad is that!  So Lil L and I went out shopping at our local Christmas market. We came home with a proper wreath (it's the Catholic guilt so we stuck to a real living wreath) and an angel tree topper. I'm still searching for a small sized stocking, not one of those that's taller than Lil L which you could literally fit a dog in it. I'm not talking about those yappity yap Chihuahuas either.

Let's not forget those who died fighting for our country and remember those in need.





holly wreath

xmas wreath

Don't mind me. I'm a regular nosy parker. I'd love to know how you decorate your place. How's your Christmas preparation so far?


  1. Hey Marlene! I know I say this all the time, but you keep me laughing girl. HAHAHAHA I wish I could see you just one time. I can't even visualize how you look. But anyway! I am Queen of the artificial pre-lit trees girl. They're super easy. I had to get rid of my big one, and have to get another but not this year. I'm probably going to hang out on the gulf coast for Christmas. So i have a small one. I'm so bad I leave it decorated and bag the sucker up. I'll be doing a post about it. Artificial wreath for the front door too. I'll post all of this next week. HAHA Love those wooden ornaments! JUST LOVE IT!!! Those wreaths are gorgeous. :D

  2. Hi Marlene

    We have a real tree! Sadly, we haven't had much time this week so the poor guy is propped up on the balcony, wrapped up in netting. Love your post!

  3. Kim, now I don't feel so bad after knowing that you're taking the easy street like me! Girl, I'm waiting for you to come to London so we can catch up. One of the reasons I don't ever photography myself because even I managed to scare myself silly when I look back at the photos!

    I-Ping, I think my artificial tree would've sat in the storeroom if Lil L didn't keep haranguing me to decorate our place. I do miss the scent of fresh pine needles.

  4. we already got our real tree & have it decorated!!! put it up the day after thanksgiving :D it smells wonderful whenever you come home. i will have to make another trip to the store & buy more lights since most of the ones from last year are dead. Then I will get on to decorating the rest of the house. the wreaths look beautiful!

  5. Just starting, there will be a real tree with white roses on Christmas Eve,
    I'm lighting my Diptyque myrrhe candle very night now, my natural wreath is up on the door, lots of holly and ivy from the garden will be brought indoors in a couple of weeks, that's about it. Oh and a pie extraordinaire from Fortnum & Mason is winging its way up to me.

  6. we are getting our tree on sunday, and then the decorations will begin. i can't wait!

  7. Girl, we will have a blast together! One day! One day! LOL

  8. Fake trees are actually a norm at my end. The (plant) nursery sell real trees but it's not that common for people here to buy.

  9. amazing pictures of christmas
    we are still waiting for the lights in Milan

    come and say hi
    The Dolls Factory

  10. Fake trees are standard in Australia. The fresh pine trees tend to wither and die leaving the needles everywhere. Such a shame. We decorate the tree with little fairy lights and large glass decorated baubles. The tree is always our main decoration and then loads of effort goes into the Christmas lunch to enjoy with all the family.

    I loved that your post includes some sentiment with the 'Remembering' photo's as well as the gorgeous Christmas decorations.

  11. Our Christmas decor is very minimal, but enough for us to have a festive feeling. We mostly have handmade items from the Christmas markets that we collected over time. I also absolutely love real pine trees. Tradition here is also to light the tree with real candles and sparklers. I look forward to them every evening during Christmastime.



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